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I felt I should introduce myself to some degree, although I'm probably going to be a tad cagey on just what I reveal at this point.

I came across this site looking for the side effects of Citalopram as I've recently been prescribed it and it's making me very ill. I've been a long term sufferer of depression but refused to seek help as I have a somewhat irrational dislike of pills and doctors. I have regular thoughts of suicide that I refuse to carry out through love for my friends and family and no desire to hurt them, no matter my pain - and have a history of self harm, which I had been clean from for nearly 5 years until recently.

I suspect I may have other mental health issues, and am hoping a few more visits to the doctors may help.

I'm not sure what I might gain from being here, but maybe it will help to share with people in a similar situation, or maybe it will help to pass the time while I'm unable to work and keep my mind off of the things that are upsetting me.

Thanks for reading.

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I've gained a lot of things from being here.

In some of my lowest times, it has definitely helped to find others that have "been there" and understand to some extent what I'm dealing with. In thi way, they can tell me that yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, things do improve, this episode will end, people do get better.

People share coping strategies, provide support, and even a laugh or too.

I've gained various types of information and various other resources.

I've gained some friends.

I've gained some thing else to do when I feel a little crazy. It's another tool in the tool box, really.

And even though it's a mental health support forum, it can be a fun place to be.

We have a chat and have blogs, if you are interested in either of those things. Links to both are located at the top of the forum.

I hope you find some of the things you need here.

Feel free to pm me or any of the other mods or admins if you have any questions or concers.


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Guest Recluse

Welcome to CB. It's natural to be a bit cagey at first, after all, we're still strangers.

I hope you find what you need here. I took citalopram for a while too and it didn't treat me well either, but everyone's mileage varies on that sort of thing. There's a lot written here about it though.

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Welcome. I think I joined just a few days before you and I'm taking the same drug and also avoided it for quite some time. Anyway, hang in there. The side effects seem to be dialing down for me and hopefully it starts to work!

Good luck (to us both!)

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