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When I am depressed ...  

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  1. 1. I usually:

    • Eat more
    • Eat Less
    • Eating is not affected
  2. 2. And I usually:

    • Sleep More
    • Sleep Less
    • Sleep is not affected

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I'd guess you'll get a lot of responses following the atypical pattern, as we have so many bipolar members, and I believe atypical depression is the more common kind in bipolar.

that's interesting, i didn't know that.

for almost fifteen years my depression manifested in "sleep more, eat more". the last few episodes have been opposite. i eat less food but more sugar, and i WANT to sleep all the time but sleep less/wake up constantly. is this common, to have changes in your usual manifestation like that over time? (on basically the same meds?)

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I might be confusing my anxiety with depression but insomnia is a big issue. I do lay in bed when I'm depressed (I just don't sleep much) Food I don't care much about when I'm down.

I guess I'm the odd one out here. I eat more and sleep just the same. Severe anxiety causes me to sleep less, but depression and mild/moderate anxiety have no effect on my sleep at all. Then again, my husband claims I could sleep through a bomb going off.

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Guest Vapourware

I'm one of the "eat less, sleep more" crowd. My appetite really goes down the toilet when I'm depressed, while I sleep more hours.

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I've been slowly becoming more and more depressed over the years, so it's a bit difficult to say where things change. When I was 15 I randomly started sleeping a lot more, but my sleeping habits have not changed at all since, and it's been years. There was also a brief time in my life where I was becoming depressed and ate more, but it only lasted a few months, and then went back to normal, even though the depression didn't get better.

As for short-term, like when something bad happens and I'm very depressed for that day, my eating decreases a bit. I think it has something to do with feeling guilty or ashamed, or just because crying or having knots in my stomach clearly doesn't make me feel like eating.

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