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Jackin' with justification

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The rain in Spain falls mainly on the very plain girls transforming them into saints we know not. Or something like that. Continuing in the same vein we find blue blood.

"We stood all alone a year ago, and to many countries it seemed that our account was closed, we were finished. All this tradition of ours, our songs, our School history, this part of the history of this country, were gone and finished and liquidated.

"Do not let us speak of darker days: let us speak rather of sterner days. These are not dark days; these are great days--the greatest days our country has ever lived;

and we must all thank God that we have been allowed, each of us according to our stations, to play a part in making these days memorable in the history of our race."

This country? Our race? Our nation? Mankind? Harrow School?

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