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wasted time on a psych ward recently

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7 days of nothing to do but think about what an ass I was

I can lay around at home, and me and my insurance company don't have to pay for it

incarceration, nothing else, with no real reason for keeping me there

except to meet a couple of really obnoxious psychiatrists

no, it's not because I was crazy, it is because they were obnoxious

that's me....for now


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was your medication adjusted?

yes, and then promptly changed back to almost what it was when I got out

did you admit yourself, or go through the ER?

see that's more of why I am an asshole, I called the suicide hotline.

they called the ambulance

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from the sounds of it there was no real reason you were there. but im guessing there is more to this story. and just as a notice, this is a message board for people with mental illness. im not being an ass, i just get the vibe youre here because you were in a psych ward. and that is not our purpose. but if you do have MI, this is the place to be for support. post anywhere. and about almost anything. hopefully the expereince you had will even out soon, and not seem so obnoxious. and it will just be some event that happened one time in your life.


what I guess I meant to say is that the psychiatrists were really rude

and I didn't deserve it, and I don't feel like anyone will believe me

but I felt I was treated that way because I was admitted for psychiatric reasons, and for them, by default I don't deserve basic human consideration, and I don't get to have an opinion (one that matters anyway)

I have a hefty dose of anxiety and moodiness, for all my life it seems.

I've been on meds for a really long time.

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I was recently put into a psych ward without reason. Well, there were reasons, but not good ones. I wasn't a threat to myself or anyone else. All they did while I was in there was adjust my Lithium dosage by 300 mg. That could have been done with my regular pdoc outside of the hospital! The hospital pdoc even basically admitted it.

this is what I mean!

I did nothing but inhabit the space while they raised the lamictal from 200 to 300, and gave me 25 mgs more of seroquel.

My psychiatrist put the lamictal down to 200mgs right after I got out.

WASTE! waste of time.

and so.....I am an ass

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