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I am in my late twenties, Canadian and living in Ontario with my cat.

My mental illness is a big ball of trauma sequelae.  Over the years I've had classic PTSD symptoms, a number of major depressive episodes (depression free for nearly 3 years), social anxiety, problems with food/eating, cluster B traits/BPD, self-harm (none for over 2 years now), and DDNOS/OSDD-1 with fragmentation.

After years of unsuccessful trials with antidepressants, I eventually convinced a psychiatrist to let me try Lamictal, which has been useful.  I had brutal sleep problems for years, mostly due to PTSD hyper vigilance and nightmares, so I am currently also taking prazosin, which I love and has been amazing for me.  I was on a lot of Seroquel for a long time, and still take it sometimes as a PRN.

The biggest part of my treatment plan has probably been psychotherapy.  I did both group and individual DBT a couple of years ago and am currently doing individual talk therapy focused on PTSD/dissociative symptoms.

On any given day, you can probably find me studying or working, but if I am not doing that, I will probably be reading (I love PNR and Urban Fantasy - bring on the smutty werewolf sex!), playing video games (There is nothing good out right now but the last thing I played was Bravely Default), watching trashy TV, or fooling around on the internet or with my cats.

My main boards are Personality Disorders, PTSD, Dissociative Disorders, and Therapy, but don't be surprised if you see me other places as well (SI, LGBT, Health Care System, various med boards, Students).

I'm not your doctor, so don't take me too seriously.  Nothing I write in any part of the boards should be considered professional or medical advice, and I can't give you any even if you ask me very, very nicely or send me a photo of your strange rash.  I'm just here to be crazy.

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