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Hi Everyone

I'm 48yrs old, female, single mom of 7yr old son, living with parents (I know, how parasitic and sad is that), finally diagnosed with ADHD and just starting to navigate the medication trail to find out what works best for me. Wish it weren't so darned individual and there was a one-size-fits-all Rx. I'm impatient to finally get started on regaining my life and being a better mom to my son and NOT being a parasite.

My goal here for now is to talk to folks who've been this way before and can help me, help my doc, to find the best med (if there is one) for me.

Then, I hope to pay it forward and help others as well.

I'm currently on day 5 of my trial of Ritalin 20 mg daily, and there are a few bumps in the road. That dose knocked my socks off, and after 2 days of it, I cut the pill in half and made sure to eat with it. Still seemed like Mr. Toad's wild ride with a tight chest and a tendency to want to chew my lip, so I cut it into 1/4's today. That seems much better, but still not that great. I'm still hopeful, by I confess that I was quite disappointed at first. I don't go back to my doc for 25 more days and that seems a long time to try something that doesn't seem to be working all that great, that is unless some of these nasty side effects go away with time. Which is why I'm here--to find out if the sadness that occurred for no apparent reason, increase instead of decrease in scatterbrainedness, slight annoying tightness in chest, will get better with time, or is Ritalin just not the one for me. I also wonder if a non-generic Ritalin would have been better. I didn't really realize that the pharmacy had given me Mallk generic until I got home. I read that night that sometimes the generics are not that great.

Anyway, didn't want to make this post long--just wanted to say "Hi" and am looking forward to talking to you all. Yep...I'm a southern girl...

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Welcome :) Glad you found us.

I hope that the Ritalin works out for you and helps you feel better.

Read the rules when you get a chance, and feel free to PM a mod or admin if you have any questions.

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Welcome to Crazyboards. I hope you don't get too discouraged with this first medication---there are lots of others to try if this one doesn't work. I understand that you won't see your psychiatrist for a month, but perhaps you should call his office and report the way you have reduced the dosage. It's good to keep the doc in the loop.

Let us know if you have any questions. I hope we can offer you some support..


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