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What are you all doing in my room? Wait...

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... Oh, that's embarrassing, it's actually *ME* who am in the.... wait, that's not right... *I* who is...am... Whoa, whoa... let me start over.

It appears I have stumbled into your company, good people.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Jaym, and no, that is not Jay M. It's one, single name, short for Jaymie. How do you say it? Say Jaymie but don't make the "eee" sound. See? Easy. (Uh, if you don't know how to say Jaymie, refer to 'Jamie'.)

I am a sufferer/victim/llama of generalized anxiety disorder, depression, and chronic loneliness and to sprinkle in some fun, I'm also having a healthy heaping of mid-life crisis/age difficulties. However, rather than spoil the fun here, feel free to relive the experience at my blog here (which I proceeded to make previously as I can talk or write for days on end with no thought to those listeners or readers dying from starvation about me.)

I'm 27 (+12), male (last I checked an hour ago) and in NO way associated with or working as a proxy for an impending alien invasion. I'm single (and upon re-reading this, coming to understand why) and have two cats, one of which has nothing to do with me, leaving me frankly with only one cat. I have no career currently and pretty much do nothing every day of every week of every month, other than go to Starbucks (with or without money to buy anything), play computer games (to blissfully escape reality), do creative writing (fantasy/ sci-fi/ llama suspense) or poke at one of my amateur skills in drawing (stick figures) or photography (stick figures).

So, on that note, carry on, and I apologize for the whole awkward introduction thing... I've never been good at meeting new people, and so I sometimes get confused and flustered. See? I've already forgotten everyone's names! Oh, wait... I didn't read any names yet. Phew.

Thank you in advance for any kind greetings (of which I'll pretty much include any types, up to and including the throwing of virtual fruits in my virtual direction) and for those victims who choose to go read the first entry of my blog to get into the nitty-gritty of my life. (Blatant plug to read my first blog entry ends here.)

Merry Day-Ending-In-Y,


(Edited for tpyos and to get rid of a kind of wood smell that had saturated the post...)

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Guest Recluse

Pleased to meet you, Jaymie. Normally I'd write something pithy to return the effort you've put into your introduction, because I enjoyed reading it and feel it deserves that kind of response, but I'm not feeling especially loquacious at the moment.

Suffice to say it's good to have you on Crazyboards, adding to our collective crazypants, and I look forward to seeing you around...that is, when I'm in a cleaner, calmer state of mind.

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Hello and welcome.

No worries about the alien invasion: I have plenty of alien defense kit obtained from Schwa Corps before it wwent seriously covert and left little trace.

(Or went broke and closed down, but no-one takes that cover story seriously...)

I'm so old that I remember when it was SF, and only know-nothing outsiders called ot Sci-fi. We lost that one.


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Meh, meh... MEEEEEHHHHHHH! meeeh.


(sorry, sometimes my goat gets online and writes responses here at CB... and at Goat Fancy... at any rate, hello.)


(I don't actually have a goat, but I am fluent in their language.)

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Many thanks for the kind greetings!

I've always appreciated the use of humor in dealing with just about every situation (probably why I was thrown out of my grandmother's funeral mid-clown car routine).

*Also, for the goats in the audience, "MEH MEH mmmmeEHHHH!"

Well, I'll be over in my corner of the place, unpacking and generally making a mess. I look forward to chatting and/or telepathically communicating with you all on the forums or via our blogs over time.

Thanks again!


*(Goat commentary translated by means of Goat-to-English-to-Llama-to-English-to-Goat Dictionary. Not responsible for mistranslations responsible for summoning goat or llama demons.)

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...probably why I was thrown out of my grandmother's funeral mid-clown car routine

There was a fashion for strippers at funerals... (China, Taiwan, Phillipines)

.. on the grounds of the more people there, the more respect shown for the departed.


But apparently that can be met with official disapproval.


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I think the way you write is entertaining. My mind jumps around a lot so I can mostly follow what you are saying. I am going to check out your blog too but welcome to crazyboards. I only joined a couple hours ago so I really can not offer advice, knowledge, humor etc.

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