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I Don't Ever Feel "Alive" Until Night Comes Around

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ive got the same issue, have for years. i tend to blame it on.. well.. not having to deal with people. but i have tried to regulate it. ive been consistently up thru the night for the last eh... 4 months or so. inconsistently up thru the day. its like my body somehow finds itself on a 36 hour schedule sometimes.

the research ive done calls it a circadian rhythm issue. being that your body isnt in tune with the sun in a natural way. ive also heard that they apparently suggest some sort of "light therapy" at a consistent time in your morning schedule, though im willing to bet its something youd best hear from a doctor first. personally i think it sounds unpleasant.

ass of late ive just accepted it as a fact of life. but im also at like... 0 productivity and wallowing in self pity half the time. life sucks right? no no lifes not so bad, eh fuck it. lets just chill out.

yeah, dont take anything i say as advice, but i do know its a recognized condition and can be addressed.

best of luck

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