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I feel as if people are talking about me behind my back, whispering and sharing every fault or everything I could possibly be doing wrong. I know when my one aunt looks at me she sees nothing but a waste of space, you can tell by her expression. I feel like there are hidden cameras in this house watching my every move, that when i'm not around they are reporting to eachother what a useless fuck i am.

I'm not depressed.

I feel like someone has just messed with my brain, causing me to be thrown into a fit. Holding it together the best I can, but failing to find a firm grip on sanity.

I don't know what to do right now, i'm currently on 9mg invega and 40mg celexa, i'm in Fl while my doctor is in Ohio and I won't be back to Ohio for an indeterminate amount of time.

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It sounds like you are having a psychotic episode. Has this been a recent change in your state?

I would recommend seeing a dr asap. If your p-doc is unavailable then see if you can get a referral to another p-doc or even go and see a GP. I small increase in your dose might be all that is required. I assume that you have found invega to be helpful up until now?

So in summary, you dont have to live like this. Get some help asap.

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Guest Vapourware

Sorry to hear you are feeling this way at the moment. There are no cameras watching you, no-one reporting on you and you're not a waste of space. I think those thoughts are manifestations of your symptoms and you probably require a med tweak. I think getting in contact with your doctor in Ohio or finding a new doctor in FL would be helpful.

Hang in there, and pop into the chatroom if you need to offload.

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Hi Zoe!

It's been a while since we chatted.

The feelings of being watched are not real. It's a good sign that you are able to recognize this as a symptom of your illness.

Don't wait to get help for this!!! Tell your family what is going on and ask for their support.

-Call your pdoc at home for directions on adjust your meds

-If you can't get hold of him in a day or two, then go see a local doctor, maybe one of your family can recommend one.

-If that is not possible, go to one of the 'Urgent Care" facilities. As you know they have good doctors working there on a ready basis.

-If that doesn't work, then go to the local ER

Hope you feel better soon. Regards, A.M. :)

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