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from the mind of a nutjob in a Starbucks

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I'm a pathological lurker, so expect my response times and places to be utterly random.

I live in Arkansas, am currently couch-hopping as I can no longer live with my mom, trying to get a job, and despite all of this generally enjoying life out of treatment centers. It's nice to be free, even if it sucks most of the time. I'm lucky enough to have some really awesome RL friends who do their best to understand what I'm dealing with. Still, I'd like to get to know some people who Get It. They're kind of hard to find around here (Arkansas is not exactly known for its stellar mental health care).

I like the attitude of this place. It makes me feel less nervous about coming out of the woodwork.

In sum, hi, you'll probably see me around on occasion.


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I'm brand new myself, but I already like you, because you were in a Starbucks, and I am SUCH a Starbucks addict I tend to go there daily- even without money to buy anything. (Probably why the Baristas all roll their eyes and talk about me behind my back. I always had hoped it was them fighting over who would get to ravage me first.)

Anyways, welcome!

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