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Introduction to me! the real me!

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Well, i'm new on here so i better let you all know, just how crazy i am! (lol)

Anyway i am 35 and a mother of four children, ages 16-4, two older girls and two younger boys also i am married. I can not remember a time in my childhood where i was not unhappy or depressed. When i was 14 i developed anorexia and self harm issues along with the depression, then i at 15 i became bulimic and started binge drinking as well, which is how my teenager years went.

Then at 18 i became preganet which made me give up my drinking and bulimic habbits, but after the birth of my child i went through postpartum depression from hell, i believe it was more like postpartum psychosis. I didn't leave my house for up to 3-6 months at a time. Finally got help it was depression the said, well i experienced the same psychosis symtoms with the rest of my preganceies. Also at this time i developed sever anxity and panic attacks.

Well through out the years of many tried meds that did very little to help my symptoms, Well after the birth of my last child i decided i was tired of being fat(265lbs) so i dedicated myself to weight loss, soon into it i was experiencing full blown eating disorder issues. So last year i was diagnosed with: Anorexia(purging type)- bipolar1- ADHD and ocd.

I at first was glad to know what was wrong with me , but then came the med.s i swear i have been on so many differnt ones that its rediculous, i'm at a loss as to what to try now, just started Prozac and its making me manic as hell!!

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You've been quite a lot and your perseverance is admirable. I think perseverance is perhaps the most remarkable and admirable of

traits shared by those with mental illness. Finding the right med may be the most trying of all the trials of mental illness.

I'm not saying this just to make you feel better, because I've said the same to my child with mental illness.

I can only speak of my own experience and there are others here much wiser than I regarding medications. (For example, I don't know

anything about some of the meds you list.) However, I do know that I have to be careful with anti-depressants, due to the manic part of my illness.

Hopefully you have an appointment with your doctor soon so you can share your possible issues with prozac? Better yet, can

you give your doctor a call?

Also, hopefully you will keep in touch.

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I'm going to call my doctor tommorow, but since i havn'e been on it that long i wonder if it would really cause withdrawal to just stop taking it.

I'm notorious for doing this, like with the antipsychotics I've tried i stopped all them cold turkey. Alot of that was due to even the slightest increase in my weight and i freak and stop taking it. No real issues with that yet, thank god

I have one child with depression and disordered eating and my 6 year old has adhd and oppitional defience disorder, so it's just been one crazy thing after another.

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Welcome to CrazyBoards :)

I'm sorry that your meds aren't working right.

Have a read of the rules when you get a chance, and feel free to PM a mod or admin if you have any questions.

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