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Hi, I am Isis, the P is only there because some one else is already regualr Isis. I have Type 1 Bipolar, I was diagnosed at 17. I was also diagnosed with depression, which I think is going with the bipolar so I don't typically mention that, OCD, and general anxiety disorder which stems from an old diagnoses of PTSD. Oh and possible BPD, which I am thinking I may have and I will be talking to my psychiatrist about.

I am over the trauma from childhood but new traumas in my life have caused the anxiety to date I am not sure how that works.

I have a kiddo who is 5. I am in my late 20s, a lady never tells her age my mother always said. I am single, I recently left my kids father after he hit me. I consider myself pretty alright for being able to leave him.

I am unemployed and in college too, I am in my 3rd year to get my psych degree (associates) I have 2 years to go give or take.

I like the Twilight books, some people say that it shows my poor sense of taste, I also like Anne Rice, anything Dean Koontz, and I think my favorite movie would have to be Practical Magic, I know it is kind of out there but I am a sucker for Sandra Bullock.

There isn't really much more about me, I hate group, always did so I always squashed the idea of a mental health site, but my therapist said it would help with coping, o I searched around I saw a few very mushy ones, I was not too interested and was a little discouraged until I found you.

I am an introvert too, so I try to keep quiet, I stay out of things and try to seep things in before I respond, it isnt me being rude, i just try hard to think before I act since I have made bad choices in the past and said some very stupid things because I didnt shut up.

Thanks for reading.

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