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Call me jim, it isn't my real name but it'll do. Jim kirk if you want to be formal.

I'm a bit of a mess at the moment. Well anyways...

I'm an aspie, or 99% sure i am anyways, i've done online tests which indicate i am, and i've seen a clinical psychologist who said i 'probably am', but i suppose i haven't been strictly 'diagnosed' in a technical sense...? All the pieces fit, though i think my case is relatively mild in some respects. Growing up i was just considered the weird, nerdy kid. School always came naturally and i did very well in all subjects right up to university without ever really having to study. I've got what many consider to be a prodigious memory (i make a lot of money making the rounds at local trivia nights). My parents i guess just assumed i was an eccentric intellectual type.

I've had problems with emotional balance from early childhood, i have a great deal of social anxiety which i entirely hide from everyone every day, so over the years since high school i've become sort of a secret person. Nobody knows the real me but me. I'm sure i'm in a state of arrested development on at least one level, i've become a bit of an emotional wreck and it has negatively impacted on my studies and my employment.

I'm not entirely sure what to do to go about fixing myself, i think i'm in a bit of a state all together. I finally worked up the courage to book an appointment with a local clinical psychiologist recommended by a very good friend of mine, and was also recommended this site by another friend of mine who shall remain nameless, of course.


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Hi Jim, welcome to the forums!

I've got some sort of Asperger's or schziod going on also. I've just never been oficially diagnosed. I am paralysed in social situations. I just have never been able to answer the question of whether I avoid people because I'm anxious or because I prefer to be alone. This seems to differentiate between the two.

Anyway, welcome and I hope you find support and help here.

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Take a read of the rules when you have a chance and feel free to PM a mod or admin if you have any questions.

We're a pretty laid back bunch here, so feel free to jump right in. And don't forget to check out chat :)

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Hello and welcome.

I've been formally diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome (and a solid case of it, having got that reply when I asked if I might be "marginal"!)

But this was not until I was 48, by which time I'd been struggling with depression for a long while, basically since normal life seemed such hard work and most of the rest of the world well, basically alien: it came with little sense of "belonging".


Getting disgnosed was beneficial. It added a range of things to my "mental toolkit":

both in terms of understanding myself and the rest of the world, and it terms of suggesting practical moves and strategies.

Again, welcome.


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