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gardening with allergies ..no joke be careful!

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well long story short ..I moved strawberries with grandson on Wed of last week...started to get sick ..wheezy ..itchy ...as of today have been sick for a week with terrible wheezing ..itching and a horrid head congestion pain ..swelling in my throat...this has gotten so bad I had to cave and actually go see a doctor myself ..I thought I was just sick with some wretched mutant virus.the four year old rubbed with his snot when he kissed me a billion times ... and treated myself as such lots of soup ...juice ..rest ..herbal teas...rest..and whining ...I even rigged myself a home made sweat lodge to try to fake a fever to get better..unfortunately my under the surface hives loved that and came to the surface and caused so much discomfort I actually ran out of mental clarity ..I am now on prednisone ..tons of benadryl and home for two more days sick

it was very scary at night not being able to breath and exhausting and depressing during the day not breathing ..work all around and I can not do a thing because i am so uncomfortable and short of breath I feel like I have emphysema .. I have never wheezed do not have asthma (or didn't) except when I got my flu shot too late one year and actually had already contracted a bad case of influenza ..did not surprise me at all after that how people died of epidemics and why they invented a vaccine ..but I digress

I believe this is a valid discussion for all gardeners but mainly for folks who garden with allergies! ... ..please be careful ...and please share tips for relief! and prevention ..more important prevention!!! The season for wheezin is upon us here but is coming to an area near you soon!!! No one is safe! ..our trees are shedding and we have rain but when the rain stops bouncing the pollen around like ping pong balls the trees and grass make more ..and the mold here is off the charts ...all over the country and world there are various threats to our over active immune systems..but worse the illness you can get can be a threat to that precious time we love so much in the garden! Normally mud boots would be on and I would be out there at least picking up!!! I can not even do that and it is pissing me off! ... so it is wise to continue to enjoy this wonderful lifestyle some of us have to obviously make concessions (this is for me too as I find it more real if I write it down!!!)

I am I know allergic for sure to mold and tree pollen ..but poo hoo'd it because "so what if my eyes itch and nose runs? right?" at least I rationalize it is not from smog (although here our air quality goes to crap rapidly) ..so what brought me to this point?

well even more embarrassing is I make a living off this subject!!!!

Half my job as a nurse requires me to be a credentialed allergy nurse ..so I should know better right? I give advice every single day about decreasing exposure to allergens helps for a better quality of life ..DUHHHHH!

My advice to allergic patients ...(I am a good nurse and a shitty patient I admit it) includes ..take your medications as directed...wash your face and hair with a washcloth when you come in the house to get the pollens/spores off your face...and while you are out there wear a mask and avoid letting the stuff that causes you to react flow directly into your lungs

good advice! I will have to follow it now that is for sure ..after 20 years of giving this kind of advice ..staying up to standard ..knowing the latest ..I have to stop acting the fool listen my own voice ..or move my whole self to a sterile condo in the city and put a silk plant on the TV

Please be safe!!! . if you are allergic to weeds and grass take the precautions..there is some great allergy info online ..and a bunch of useless crap as well all know ..ask your family doctor for advice or see a naturopath they are great with allergies ...and of course there are allergists I work closely with four who I would be mortified if they found out how sick I am right now and why!!!

..allergies tend to worsen with natural exposure ..and that always confused me as I have given a ton of allergy shots in my career and know that works to desensitize people to allergens with increasing exposure ..so in my mind why not just garden and get over it right? WRONG!!! ..the more I research and attend classes and seminars the less I know really ...allergies are so flipping complicated that unlike chemistry and math once you get it you get it ..they just keep evolving and changing

I do believe very strongly in face washing and nettle tea and drink it a lot when the nettles appear just be careful where you harvest as they do pick up pollutants

please if you have tips share them!

for me now it will be compliance in all things ..I just missed a week of my life waiting for the next breath and writhing with itching ..not fun and makes Wondernut a very cranky woman!!!

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I always have hayfever when I live in California, there are several trees whose pollen I am allergic to; I have no allergies back East. So I still never take it seriously enough to get treatment, just bitch and moan half the year instead.

Washing your face is a good idea.

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I just wanted to say, I have been washing my face after running errands. Today I forgot, and my allergies are killing me. The pollen has been uniformly very high for the last couple of weeks, so the face washing definitely helps.

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I am so sorry you are so sick..........wow, terrible

but is it the Strawberry plants??

or just a terrible allergy to the pollens?

awful, really awful that you are so ill Wondernut

hope the meds help you feel better soon

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the face washing helps huh? if you add a few drops of baby shampoo to the warm water/washcloth it loosens the sticky pollen from your eyelashes and eyebrows ...that stuff just sits there and continues to annoy your senses

BPLB thank you ..this was horrid and I appreciate the empathy

I think it was the mold from the strawberries being so clumped together and all the rain ..there were fuzzies all under the plants and while I for sure have pollen allergies but the mold is the worst for me .I just never had the wheezing and hives before ..a solid week of wheezing and itching ...I have to pick up an epi pen I do not want to take a chance and do not plan to stop gardening although the condo in the city did cross my mind ...and it is now ..

to think that something I do to maintain my sanity at a baseline...and is so "healthy" and wonderful can make a person so flipping sick ..just pissed me off so much ..and then the prednisone reaction omg I really could not believe how crazy pred made me ..I was hysterical crying ..screaming at my husband and could not think a normal thought ..talk about a soda bottle shaken really hard with the lid on tight ...

well whatever I will stop complaining ...and just figure stuff out

I am going to set an appt with the allergist I can not go into this season with out being prepared

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I wear a simple mask and long gloves, which seems to help. A little Vaseline under the nose and eyes can help, too, especially if your allergies are to pollen.

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