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I don't know what forum to put this in. I just searched for about 5 minutes and can't figure out where the hell this goes. I give up. I'm too angry right now to look any further, sorry.

Just saw a new pdoc (last one quit). In addition to talking over me and treating me like I'm retarded, he told me 1) I don't think you're bipolar. You just have anxiety. (REALLY?? REALLY?!?!?!?!?!? Maybe you should've tried fucking listening to the words I was saying instead of trying to lead me & talk over me). He says "That's not hypomania, that's normal." Really? Wanting to punch someone repeatedly in the head because they're making SOUNDS you don't like and feeling like screaming at cars for no reason isn't weird? REALLY???

Then I told him I can't take antidepressants alone because they throw me way out of whack. After describing what "way out of whack" was since I was told I wasn't allowed to use words like "mixed episode", he proceeds to prescribe me Cymbalta.

He also prescribed me Neurontin for my "anxiety". Even though what I described to him and was trying to get through to him is that the anxiety has a goddamned cause!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not just anxious. I'm not just set off by stuff that makes people anxious moreso than it makes them anxious. There are VERY SPECIFIC THINGS that overwhelm my senses and cause a (controlled on my part...however poorly) freakout. That the therapist I've been seeing for a few months is convinced I warrant a full psych eval because of all the ASD characteristics I display (not to mention I have relatives on the spectrum) was SCOFFED at and dismissed by this stupid motherfucking asshole psychiatrist. I get the feeling I was scoffed at as well. (No, really. He scoffed. His face contorted and he made a mocky scoffing sound with his mouth)

WHAT THE FUCK IS THE WORTH OF THE DEGREE ON YOUR WALL IF YOU DON'T EVEN LISTEN TO THE PATIENT???? It may as well be something to wipe your ass with.


AND in addition to that, he starts writing prescriptions without even asking what other drugs I'm taking. He could be killing me for all he knows. Very professional!!

Then when he asked at the end if I had any questions for him and I didn't, he laughed at me.

This asshole ruined my day. I hope he gets cut off in traffic and someone ruins his day. (yeah, I know. real mature)


Has anyone taken Neurontin for "anxiety" (I do get anxiety and will likely take it, but it's toward the bottom of the list of issues that afflict me. I feel like taking this would be a crutch because talk therapy has helped me with my issues in this dept way more than any drug has.)


OH, and I made a list of stuff that interferes with my functioning because I don't do well in the verbal dept. when making words come out of my mouth (typing is ok). HE WOULDN'T EVEN LOOK AT IT. and told me to read it. And he cut me off when I started reading some of the stuff.

Fuck you, doc. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you

And to make things better, he oversees the entire psych ward at a local small-ish hospital. I wonder if they know how unprofessional he is.

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I hope he gets cut off in traffic, gets a flat tire, gets pulled over for driving with a flat tire, gets arrested for being an asshole, and is given a psych eval. in jail that pegs him as a narcissistic douchebag. Oh, and they find cocaine in his car and he loses his medical license. (I can be mature, too!) Doctors like that really get under my skin-- I had one like that at the hospital last time I was in (he wrote in my discharge paperwork that he doesn't think I have bipolar disorder, and won't believe it until a trained clinician sees me during a manic episode-- he really oughta look at my paperwork from the previous time I had been in-- HE noted that I was in a mixed episode with a large amount of mania involved).

As for the Neurontin-- I use it as a mood stabilizer (which kind of works if I am sort of stable anyway) and also for anxiety. It does help my anxiety, and my pdoc has said that I can take extra on top of my daily dose if I need to for anxiety, because I prefer to not uses benzos. (Lately, however, I have been using my clonazepam daily, per doc's orders, because I am going through a bad period right now.)

I hope you get a new pdoc immediately.

EDITED because I accidentally wrote "you" instead of "he" in the first sentence. GAH, I can't type or proofread anymore. I read it over twice, even.

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oh dear, you need a different doctor, immediately

I take Neurontin, it helps my anxiety but frankly it is mild.....very mild

and it has mood stabilizing properties - it assists my Lithium

I like it because (for me) it has a low side effect profile, it is not expensive, and it is easy to take

but I still need a regular mood stabilizer (lithium) and I also use Xanax PRN

You need a doctor who listens, who is kind, and knows his stuff and whom you can trust

sorry you had such a bad experience

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I just made the transition from a "good" pdoc to a mediocre pdoc so I know where you're coming from. As everyone has suggested, get a new pdoc as soon as you possibly can (in my case, that's months).

But please don't become too tied to a diagnosis that it becomes part of you. I mean, if you were diagnosed with cancer, and a new doctor said that he didn't think you had cancer, you'd be happy, right? My point is that a diagnosis is a label. Don't worry about labels. All you care about is whether your symptoms are controlled and you feel better.

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I wish I understood why its so hard to get a good doc in the psychopharm specialty. Really. Ive never had half the problem with other specialties.. well maybe orthopedics is a close second. =(

Theres something about this segment of the medical field that attracts a lot of people with unresolved psych issues of their own.

I bounce this stuff off my therapist.. otherwise I would totally assume it was me causing it.

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I had a hospital pdoc do something similar to me and had him tell me that my "meltdown" over the switch in meds was a "borderline moment" i learned from my mom. Thank goodness im back to my regular pdoc. I feel for you. I hope you can switch to a new pdoc.

Ive not tried neurontin but it does little for my mom and brothers anxiety...

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