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Hi, everyone. I'm ShadowBlade, or Shadow for short. I'm 17 years old, I'm a college freshman majoring in Anthropology. I'm planning to be a forensic anthropologist someday. I'm a major bookworm. If it has words in it, I will read it, unless it's a romance novel, in which case I will avoid it like the plague. I'm also a writer. I mostly write fantasy, usually urban fantasy, but sometimes traditional fantasy. I'm also trying my hand at sci-fi and straight-up action/adventure. I am a singer, too (soprano) and a violinist. On top of all that, I dance (mostly ballet).

I have two sisters, one older and one younger, and I have a cat and a dog. My family has had a lot of animals we've taken care of over the years (some as pets, some as sick or injured aimals we just took care of). So far our track record is: 5 cats, 2 dogs, 2 mice, 3 hamsters, 4 finches, 1 sparrow, 2 crows, 4 raccoons, 2 snakes, a robin, and a bat. We named the robin Batman, and we named the bat Walter. Yeah, my family is a little odd.

I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome when I was about 6 or 7 years old, and PTSD when I was 14. Ever since I was a little kid I've been on every drug my doctor's could think of, until we finally found a combination that works well for me.

There's actually a sort-of interesting story behind my username. Since I'm a writer and my little sister is an artist, we decided to combine our talents and write comic books. She's currently working on one that has a superhero character named Shadow who is based off of my selfless, heroic side, and I'm working on one about a morally-ambiguous vigilante-type person who goes by the name Blade who is based on my cut-throat, vicious, bitchy side. My sister picked the name Shadow for her character because when I was little my dad would call me "Shadow" or sometimes his "little Shadow" because I would follow him around, imitate some of his habits, and always wanted to be just like him. So that's my username story...

There's really not too much else to say about me, I'm not all that interesting a person.

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Interesting enough...

...for this bookworm with Asperger's, anyway!

" If it has words in it, I will read it"

Oh, I'm tempted to take that as a challenge, but that's not fair and some of my weird books are... weird.

("The Social History of the Machine Gun"?)

Welcome to Crazyboards.


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Are you kidding? That actually sounds really cool!

It is actually quite interesting, if you struggle to understand how an illogical society functions,

but it is a serious historical work, and a bit dry in places.

Possibly alos slightly over-exposed now that ABE Books have opened their weird book room, for which I have suggested several titles.

Depending on topics of interest, I can recommend

"Scalded to death by the steam" (a collection of train wreck songs, with notes on the disasters that inspired them)

"The Defence of Duffer's Drift" (military lessons dispensed in a set of dreams of the Boer war)

Wisconsin Death Trip (no comment)

And either exactly your taste or not at all, "Truer Than True Romance": romance comic books from the 50's to 70's, but with all the speech ballons re-written for a more knowing and post-modernist age.


There's always" Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"!


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