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Step by Step how to Upload and Delete Pics

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In this first image you see that I selected the album, I went with HD's Pics and the image has already been uploaded so further down I'll cover deleting images. This one you just click the "Click to Attach" button and it opens up the dialogue to select a pic from your hard drive, as an advanced tip, holding control down while selecting pics is how you can do a multiple file upload:


This one shows the screen with the dialogue box for selecting files:


This is the image showing the image uploading:


Then a review and publish button appears and you click that next:


Then you go in and put the description in and edit the name so it's not dorky looking with file extensions on it:


Next if you want to delete a give image, when the image you want to remove is loaded you will see this Options Tab, and it looks like this when you click it and highlight Delete Image:


Last is the File Delete Confirmation screen:


Hope this helped, it's in IE8 Chrome is close but not exactly the same...:)

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