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it's my fourth (fifth?) week taking imipramine. started at 50mg per day, titrated over a few weeks, now at 150mg as of a few days ago.

i'm wondering, how long should i be expecting to wait for something to happen? pdoc says TCAs are slow, but how slow is that? will it be another four weeks before i feel any different (assuming it works at all)?

guess i'm just getting anxious that this is never going to work and i'm wasting my time, extending my stay in hell only to find i have to start all over with something else. after awhile, you really start to wonder if you have it in you to try again, you know?

anyway any experiences with this AD, i'd love to hear them. i want so badly for this to work because the side effects are so so SO much better than the SSRIs... maybe no side effects is gonna mean no AD effects, either.

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