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In shock and amazement--o.k. so I'm easily amused.

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Holy shit!!! I can't believe I found this web site!! Found it purely by mistake.......or was it (insert twilight zone theme here). Where has it been all my life?

So I'm a pretty crazy person; bi-polar, BPD, PTSD and depression--but I came by it honest--I got this fucked up thanks to my mom who was a raging alcoholic and also has DID i.e multiple personality (she has 4 personalities including her primary) and she had a tendency to marry men who liked to abuse her and her kids. I got the best part of that thanks to the last asshole she married who thought incest was a good parenting technique.

I'm also an addict who doesn't do dope anymore, so I'm an addict on hiatus. I've also worked in the mental health and addiction recovery field for nearly 10 yeas as a recovery specialist, case manager and behavioral health tech. I walked out of my job a month ago because it was driving me crazy working 70 hours a week in a system that is totally fucked up. My symptoms started getting really bad and I was plotting my death on the way to work every day. Now, I'm struggling to get back into getting services myself and due to the system..fuck you very much....I can't. Oh the irony of it all. So frankly, I'm a basket case so much more now. So that's a little or maybe TMI about me in a nut shell (pun intended) and I'm just manically happy to have found this place!!

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