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Iffy Diagnosis

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Hi, I've been lurking around these forums for a little bit and have decided I'd like to join the conversations. Of course I've come with problems.

Main problem: I don't know what sub-forum I should go to. Many of the forums seem to rely on experience sharing, and as I don't know how my experience is properly defined, I don't feel comfortable saying anything anywhere. I guess I feel I have no authority on anything?

Explanatory backstory: I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was five. I was a difficult child and threw epic temper tantrums, but also academically ahead of my peers. As long as I can remember I've had insomnia and sleep paralysis. At about 12 or 13 I started having mild auditory hallucinations, and my mood started to go bad. The summer of my senior year I think I was manic. I went to college, drank heavily, slept with everybody, and dropped out. In the late fall after I dropped out I left a party at a friend's house with very little on, no shoes. Another friend followed me, thinking I was really drunk, and asked what I was doing. I explained I was going to go kill myself. My friend had PTSD, and suspected based on past experience that I was dissociated- apparently I had no expression and moved/spoke like a robot. My friend took me to the hospital.

At the hospital I spoke I one of the junior doctors- I don't know what they're properly called- and she thought I might have BPD but wasn't sure. A second doctor came in, interviewed me, and said I had Bipolar NOS. The hospital matched me with a psych doc, and she also thought this was the case. I was put on Lithium and Seroquel, and got much better.

A year later somebody, I think my insurance company, said I had to go see a diagnostic specialist of some sort. This doctor talked with me for two hours, mostly making me make up stories based on some pictures he had. He also asked me about any symptoms I'd had during the previous 6 months. I didn't know him and I didn't really tell him anything. He changed my diagnosis to mood disorder NOS.

I had to switch doctors after my old one moved. My new psychiatrist hasn't changed my diagnosis as far as I know, but she gives me mood charts for bipolar. She also talked about schizotype symptoms when I was describing some stuff to her, but she never followed up on that except to put me on Abilify (I had stopped taking my Seroquel).

Question: Where should I post? I have no idea what my diagnosis is so I'm a little confused.

Possible more satisfying question: Have any of you had an experience similar to mine?

And sorry to ramble.

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Hi Anna,

Welcome :)

We aren't super strict about where people post - if you do post something that seems to be better suited somewhere else, someone will move it for you. Just put it where you feel most comfortable. if you really don't want to classify it, you can always put it in "NOS" or "I've still got issues".

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Someone will be along for sure who can relate to your situation. We have members with diagnoses that have moved around and some who aren't sure what their present ones are, so I know there are folks who relate. I would talk some, but I was diagnosed with bipolar later in life and the dx has stayed the same.

As to where to post, my suggestion is to post by topical area. So if your question is related to bipolar, including mood disorder NOS, post in bipolar. If it's more about depression, including Mood Disorder NOS, then post there. Same with the psychosis board if applicable. Medication questions belong on the medication boards. If you start a post in one area we'll move it if we think it better belongs elsewhere. More importantly, what you have to say or ask only need be loosely related to the board. We just aren't that picky about this stuff and prefer members feel free to talk or ask about whatever.

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