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Hi. They call me Seba, and you can too.;)

I'm from Canada and i like music probably. I'm in high school and I hate society, so, i'm your normal, stereotypical teenager. I also have big morals that I try not to break.

I was diagnosed with Anxiety and possibly OCD (which i think i have) by a Psychologist who i stopped seeing. I also diagnosed myself with Dissociation and/or Depersonalization using the internet, as i'm damn sure that i have them. I'm also quite emotionally numb and have screwed up emotions when i do feel them. I'm usually bleak, monotonous or negative, and i usually feel like something or possibly someone is missing in my life. Also, waiting on my parents to make an appointment with a new Psychologist. I'm willing to try medication if i'm convinced it's not bullshit, but, i would probably end up quitting if it doesn't work fast enough.

More about me: I'm a chill guy (according to my peers) but feel nervous, paranoid and unreal pretty much 24/7.

Uhh...that's it i guess.

Here's a picture of Batman >_>


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Seba, welcome to Crazyboards. I'm glad you found us, and I hope you find some good information here.

I will point out to you that we're not keen on people diagnosing themselves. We really do need to leave that to the medical professionals.

Let us know if you don't understand something, and be sure to read the rules to avoid problems later on.


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