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I've been on a ton of different antipsychotics, abilify, haldol, geodon, risperdal, saphris, and now invega. (I think i left something out but i'm drawing a blank.)

Anyways, I've never been stable psychotically always having some level of voices or sometimes seeing things that aren't there.

I'm diagnosed as schizoaffective bipolar type, but at one point my pdoc was wanting to lable me as a paranoid schizophrenic. Is it even possible for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder to get confused?

My moods have been somewhat stable, occassionally i'll swing down into depression, but most of the time i'm stable, which is a big improvement over the past when I was depressed to the point of nonfunctioning.

Now it seems as if it's the psychoses that is going to drive me crazier. I always have at least one voice runnning in my head, and sometimes when it gets bad I have more than one and they take on an angry destructive tone.

I want there to be a day where there are no voices, I want there to be a time when I"m not paranoid, or seeing things.

Will that day ever come, my psychiatrist seems doubtful - as if I was going to always hear things. I'm on 18mgs of Invega currently because the voices and paranoia were acting up badly last week.

Is this something I need to learn to live with and deal with in therapy.

I have a ton of questions, and there never seem to be any answers.

When do you feel stable?

Is there some kind of vitamin I should be taking for the voices, for the paranoia.

What do I have to do to make this all go away, Is this just going to continue to get worse. I'm already on disability because I can't function in a job.

I've been in patient over 20 times now.

Maybe this is all in my head, and if I just put all these thoughts out of my head they'll go away.

Maybe these are voices that people get regularly, and maybe I"m not really crazy and it's just my concious voice acting thoughts in my head.

I'm a very imaginative person, when I read there is a different voice I can hear for each of the characters as if I was in a movie.

I'm just frustrated, I don't want to go to the hospital again if I can help it.

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From my experience, finding the right medication is key for psychotic symptoms.

For me, clozapine has been a saviour. I have been on quite a few different anti-psychotics and cloz has been the only one that has worked well. I am only on a small dose (200mg) but it works great for me.

I have been on 1500mg seroquel and 40mg Zyprexa before; neither worked well for me., despite being huge doses.

Dont give up hope. The right solution might be just around the corner.

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Guest Vapourware

For me, being able to recognise that the voices are not real and learning how to ignore them has helped me, so I think there is some merit in dealing with the voices in therapy. However, I do agree that medication is the best route to stop the voices. For me, what stopped the symptoms initially was the ziprasidone, and if ziprasidone wasn't randomly sedating me, then I would still be happy to be on the drug.

It is very frustrating when you can't find the right medication for the voices, but I hope you can find the right medication somewhere down the track and be free of your symptoms.

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