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New here

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I'm new here.

I think that's obvious.

I found this site yesterday, I don't remember how.

Anyways, I've been lurking. I think I'd fit in here.

I'm not officially diagnosed with anything as I had a fight with and left my last therapist about a year ago but I'm pretty much positive I have clinical depression.

I also don't identify as the gender I was born as but IMO that's not a pshyc issue that's just the unfortunate side-effect of me being born in the wrong body.

So yeah, don't feel like writing much today.

If you have a specific question about me just ask.

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Welcome :) Hope you like it here.

Take a look at the rules when you get a chance and feel free to PM a mod or admin if you have any questions.

Also, check out our chat and blogs, if that's your thing.

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