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My name is Cam, I am 40yrs old and was recently diagnosed with ADHD.

What's funny is before this diagnosis I would have told you ADD was a

bunch of B-S!!.

Adderrall has made a huge difference in my life, more so when it comes to

work. I am a route driver for a uniform company. My job alows me to work alone

all day and am pretty much my own boss. Before the Meds I would skip anything

I could and take every shortcut available just to get done earlier. And even doing

this I was voted Most Valuable Employee the first year I was eligable. My work

takes me a bit longer now, but everything is done right.

The only reason I ever went to see a conselor was beause of my girlfriend.

I was on a really self destructive path. Self medicating as often as possible

and just not caring. So I have her to thank for my current state.

My DR. just gave me a prescription for clonopin to help with sleep and anxiety.

When on my Adderrall I am fairly calm and even headed. With out it I tend to

get nervous and babble a bit. People in positions of authority questioning me

send me over the edge.

Example: Got pulled over a couple weeks ago driving home from work. Adderrall

had worn off by then. Needless to say I was nervous and all over the place. I had

4/4 Addy/Klon in a pill holder on my key chain. The officers asked me what it was.

I told them, nothing for me to hide. Long story short, I spent 28 hours in lockup

for possession of schedule 2/4 drugs. What did I learn from this? Now I carry a

copy of my prescription in my wallet. Funny the asked me how many and when

do you take the Adderrall. 2/30's in the morning and hour or two apart. Then said

why do you have 4 with you then. I was like duh, I have ADD, most off the time I

forget to take then before I head out the door.

Well that's my story in a nut shell.



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Welcome to Crazyboards! I'm glad you found us, and I'm glad you learned that lesson about carrying a copy of your prescription. Those darn cops just have no sense of humor, eh?

Be sure to read the rules (when you're medicated, so you read them ALL! :) ) and let us know if you have a question about anything. Also, we have a chat room and a blog section that are both very popular.


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I had an experience like yours,

stopped and hauled off in chains,

Dry DUI,

I attracted lots of cops,

with one word, "Bipolar "

This town has a long record for shooting ( Eureka,Ca )

people waving an empty meds bottle.

Seeing I had no M-16s onboard

they booked me searched again,

I had a nitro bottle full of klonopin,

they didn't find it,

the stupids let me into a lockable rest room,

I took 3 2mgs, dumped the rest.

I just chilled my way through the system,

I now use the real RX bottles.

Live and learn


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