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I'm new and not sure how this works

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so hi I guess?

I'm new at this whole thing . I have no idea how blogs/forums work really. I mean I've read them before looking for answers on google but I've never been one to post .

I guess I should introduce myself .

well where to begin

I've just started taking my very first AD. It's scary not really understanding how it'll make me feel but fingers crossed.

I'm the girl who is awesome at hiding my true emotions. I'm a seasoned pro haha.

I'm the happy one , the one who's always chatting, the go to friend for advice and the one who is always there when you need someone. I'm the one who will put myself out for you and will share the very last of anything with you , I'm the one who never expects anything in return and the one you can be a complete bitch to and know I don't really care I'm the one who doesn't hold a grudge and the one to put myself in trouble to help you out. I'll always have your back and I'll never let you down.

Most of that is true and some of it is the things I pretend to be so I dont have to face the truth of who I am.

So hello .

I'm going to post hopefully daily to keep anyone and everyone informed on how my new meds are treating me . Anyone alse just starting out ? I'd live to chat and compare notes with you.I'm a little scared going this alone. I want someone alse who's going through simlar issues so I know that at least someone can relate to me

All my love x

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Hello and welcome.

Antidepressants? I'm a battered old campaigner, I'm afraid.

And I know about the fatigue that comes from being better or other than you are, to meet expectations or lest worse befall.


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Hi chris thanks for the reply :)

Yeah anti depressants . I have a mix if depression anxiety and a touch of OCD . Wonderful isn't it haha.

it's oh so tiring being that girl. Which is sad coz before all this walked into my life I was exactly that girl. I use to be all those things. So happy so free . 100% myself I had so many friends I was the social butterfly . Loved sports dancing drama singing ! Absolutely everything I enjoyed it all. had an awesome self esteem level. Life was so easy and enjoyable. I no that changes as you grow older and life starts getting serious but my personalty is gone :( makes me sad.

Fingers crossed these ADs help get me back

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Welcome :) Take a look at the rules when you get a chance, and feel free to PM a mod or admin if you have any questions.

Lots of us have blogs where we post daily-ish updates, so if that's your thing, you should check those out.

I remember how scary my first AD was - that was like three years ago for me. Hopefully this first one will be the right one for you.

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it's oh so tiring being that girl. Which is sad coz before all this walked into my life I was exactly that girl. I use to be all those things. So happy so free .

My suggestion, only based on being wise after the event, is that if you are not yourself it's too much of an ask to keep being yourself for any length of time.

Something's got to give, and it's better it's a hobby, or the pace of social life, or hours at work., or housework... almost anything rather than you.

One load worth dropping, but perhaps the most difficult, is still meeting the expectations (or assumed expectations) of others who think you are your old self and that nothing's wrong.

Perhaps something like:

"I'm not completely well at the moment and I'm going to have to ease up for a while" followed by "It's OK , but I don't particularly want to talk about it" (unless you do)

Leave them wondering if it's kidney stones, Lyme disease, or something exotically tropical from your last holiday.

Only suggestions, and springing from me *not* being as thought-through as that in the past..


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Thanks for the welcome , advice and encouragement :) all of you. It's an amazing feeling knowing right at my fingertips I have people that know what im going thru.

I'll be sure to keep you all posted on how I go. I hope I can make at least one person feel the relief I feel right now .

Big loves x

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