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Hi, I'm new

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I cam across this forum when searching for info on Seroquel withdrawal.

i have a love hate relationship with Seroquel - love what it''s done for my mind, hate what it's done for my body.

I'm dx Bipolar 2 with some OCD tendencies and some Borderline traits...anxiety disorder and PTSD.

My current cocktail is

200 MG Wellbutrin

100 Lamictal

400 Topamax

3mg Xanaflex (for migraine Prevention)


Xanax as needed which is probably going to be every night to help me sleep now that i've stopped taking Seroquel (with my dr's blessing) and not sleeping, and I'm typing this at 3am.

I've been reading and enjoying Crazy Meds for years but didn't check out their forum till tonight and thought i'd join the fray...seems to be some very intelligent and knowlegeable people on here.

Thanks and any advice is apprecuated,,,I'll be doint some more reading tomorrow.!

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Welcome to the forum. Yes, seroquel stoppage can be awful, can't it? The king of all sleep meds can be a bitch to stop, unfortunately. I did that a while back though and it worked out fine in the end... .Eventually, the sleep will normalize. Good luck.


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