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Anhedonia... no pleasure in anything.

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I plan to bring this up with my pdoc. However I wanted some of your opinions first. :)

My current meds are working pretty well for what they are meant for. The only antidepressant I'm on is Remeron

and I really like it so I would rather add an antidepressant than change it. About the other meds... I am on depakote for

racing thoughts and anxiety, and am on risperdal for agitation, racing thoughts and creepy disturbing intrusive thoughts.

What I am Trying to get at here is Remeron does nothing for my anhedonia which I have pretty much had my whole life off and on.

I like my new pdoc so much more. I am impressed with his prescribing skills compared to my old pdoc who was

obsessed with loading me up with really really really high doses of meds and not paying attention to me or the side effects.

So....I of all the medicines I have tried, with this new pdoc I feel I have a chance to start a new.

What kind of antidepressants can help anhedonia?

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Anhedonia is a common symptom of depression. No one can tell which anti-depressant will work best for you, because everyone responds differently to different ADs. They can give you info on their experience with each AD, but they can't say how *you* would respond to it.

I don't know how long you have been on remeron, but if you still are experiencing anhedonia after having given it a fair trial of two to three months, then remeron doesn't work for you. A little bit less depressed is good, but if that is all you are getting out of it, you need to either tweak your dosages or your meds.

If you have only tried one anti-depressant, there many many out there that you haven't tried. You may have tried more, but you only mentioned having tried remeron, so I am basing what I say on that. If you are experiencing anhedonia still, you might want to ask your doctor about finding something that works better for you.

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Good question - there seems to be a general lack of a recipe for treating apathy and anhedonia.

From my personal research, this is what I've found:


  • Buproprion (Wellbutrin)

Parkinson's drugs
  • pramipexole (Mirapex)
  • ropinirole (Requip)

MOA-B inhibitor

  • selegiline (Emsam)
  • rasagiline

5-HT2C antagonists
  • mirtazapine (Remeron)
  • Agomelatine (Valdoxan) - not available in U.S. yet

All Natural

  • Exercise
  • Chocolate

These drugs are all affecting the dopamine system in some way--either increasing dopamine, agonists of the D2 and D3 receptors, or affecting dopamine regulation through the 5-HT2C receptor.

If anyone has any experience with these, please chime in.

Personally, I like chocolate. I'll be talking to my psychiatrist about the others on my next visit.

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You've had anhedonia off and on for most of your life? Is it exclusive to depressive episodes, or do you have it outside of depressive episodes? If it is depressive, is it your only symptom? What I'm getting at is it could be a therapy issue if it isn't related to depression.

If it is related to depression, you might do better on a more activating antidepressant. Or a higher dose of Remeron. Remeron is a bit more sedating at the dose you're at, which could be contributing to the anhedonia.

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I've had anhedonia for most of my life, so I really feel your pain. (Or lack thereof. Or ennui. Whatever.)

What worked for me: Wellbutrin and exercise.

I've actually started an apathy topic here before, but that was more tailored to me. Still, you may find some helpful suggestions there. I also updated it with what worked for me and what didn't.

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