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Zoloft add ons --abilify? (newbie here)

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zoloft 150 has been helping depression, but now very apathetic.

also, pDoc thinks some hypomania, although he said "you may be bipolar {or did he say "have hypomania?"}, but you don't have bipolar disorder."

~~that made no sense to me~~

the apathy is messing with school, home, job, etc.

pDoc is thinking abilify to deal with "hypomania"

previously, we were looking at apathy as a depressive symptom, but as i've been feeling 'normal' (actually normal? for the first time?), i think it might by a zoloft side effect

would abilify help with apathy? any other things i could suggest to him?

he wanted to switch me to Welbutrin, but it gave my dad a seizure when he took it, so that's out.

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OK....where to begin....

If you're having hypomania from a med, you don't fit the (current) diagnostic criteria for BP. It will, of course, make docs wary of prescribing AD's without a moodstabilizer on board. You may very well end up getting the label anyway, if this happens over and over if anything to keep another doc from giving you an AD without a moodstabilizer.

So, Abilify. Abilify isn't the strongest moodstabilizer out there, but it is approved as an adjunct to AD's and is improved for use in those under 17. Hence why it's probably getting thrown at you. Helps with depression and sometimes helps with hypomania.

If you're having apathy, I would examine why. Sometimes apathy is a part of depression, and other times it's what happens after depression. For me, I sometimes feel apathetic when I get out of depression because what I felt was pretty intense. Then it's gone and it's like, "Now what?" I don't know if that makes any sense. What I'm getting at is it may not be the med. It may just be an adjustment from not being depressed. Something to think about and explore with your doctors.

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If you've told your pdoc about the apathy, and he or she is talking about possible hypomania, that's kind of odd. I'd ask him to further explain his thinking about that. SSRI's do make me very apathetic, but I don't think that's a common reaction. It's more likely that you've got some remnant depression to deal with.

Abilify makes sense as an add on for depression.

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