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1st dose of Zyprexa, the depression returns

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Greetings everybody!

I am currently on Celexa which I think works pretty well for my depression.My pdoc just added 5mg Zyprexa. He told me to take 2.5mg for 3 nights then move up to 5mg and stay at that dose. The reason for the Zyprexa is that he said it would help my severe anxiety and squirrely brain.

The problem being, after I took the 2.5 dose last night. I feel as if my depression has completely returned (the Celexa had this under control). I also needed an extra 6 hours of sleep.

I do feel SLIGHTLY less anxious. However I can't tell if it's really working for the anxiety or that it's making me so hazy that I just don't notice it.

I know that these drugs need time to build up in the system, but I just can not function like this.

Hopefully it improves as time goes on.

I dunno...I'm very confused about this med. Perhaps you could share your experiences with this med. Or, any kind of personal anecdote would be appreciated too!

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AAPs can make you feel very sleepy and sedated at first. They also do take at least a LITTLE time to build up in the system, so you probably won't get a full anti anxiety effect the first day.

That being said, if depression and sedation keep up, contact your doctor. There are other options for anxiety.


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