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dexamphetamine experience

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I'm new to this medication and so far I've only tried 2 to 4 5mg tablets in a single go so far. I think I'm still looking too much into everything that goes on in my mind while the medication is in effect because of an unconscious fear (that I eventually recognised, obviously) of the stuff. So I may just be ever estimating the effects here.

Something I think I've experienced is the inability to get off a train of thought while dex is in effect. It has only been so extreme once that the hurtling freight train was impossible to get off (as a real one would be), but that was just the first time i tried 15mg. other than that, it's been more reasonable. The second time i tried 15mg, it was not so severe which leads me to believe that I just happened to be thinking about something intensely interesting rather than dex is that powerful. The problem is, I've gone from one kind of unproductivity to another. The dexamphetamine would be fine if I was working on a project of interest to me and had to wade through boring parts of it that would usually repel me. But i've got a lot of assesment that's either due soon or is OVER due. both on and off the medication, I'm too busy doing other things. when i'm off it, I'm doing lots of other things. When I'm on it, it's only one - at least for a long period of time, after which it may have become something else - because whatever I have started (a thought or a project or a task), I don't want to stop. I should mention that I'm not medicated at the moment yet i'm still clinging onto writing this post like a pit bull. If i were on dex right now, it'd be harder for me to let go. So, this behaviour is not so unusual, I'm always intensley preoccupied it seems, just dex seems to clean out the clutter and do other such things as make my thoughts more related to each other and more sequential. There are other things too, but they are unrelated to what i'm asking.

Is there a way to combat this? I don't want to waste more time being hyper focused on the wrong thing so i'm weary to just try upping the dosage to 5 tablets at a time just to see if all i need is more stimulation so I can bare tedious school work. The more boring it is the more stimulation is needed to compensate, right? Although that could just make my thoughts even more exclusive, thus banishing school work and other chores even farther from my mind. So far it seems more likely that I can get school work done when I haven't taken any dex, albeit very inefficiently (which is why i need the medication in the first place!!!). argh... cycle of failure. the life of the eternal loser. chores are more likely to get done when i'm not taking it too, it seems.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I suspect I may be blaming too much on the dexamphetamine, as in retrospect, my behaviour hasn't changed much at all. Just the orderliness of my thoughts, really. Nice, neat, square, start to finish.

Although if anyone's interested, such as people considering taking dexamphetamine, i've also noticed these changes while dex is in effect:

I can actually engage in a conversation

I don't have escapist fantasies

The drive to do something from start to finish is more easily accessible

more chatty, especially when talking about something i'm interested in

it's easier to write down thoughts as what i was writing is not interupted and forgotten by another thought

thoughts are more related to each other

slightly better mood, like pleasantness with a minute edge to it (at times)

less distractable, but you'll know from reading my post, it a double edged sword

i like people for once

more sutff is interesting

i'm still annoyed by fogey, cranky old men

I still stare off into space, it's just i can remember what i was thinking about 4 seconds ago and earlier (HOLY CRAP!)

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If it were me this would indicate I needed a upward dose adjustment. Too little I I just surf the web instead of working. The right dose allows me to focus on the task at hand, no matter how boring. IIRC the target doses are 20 to 40 mgs a day with 40 mgs a day being the top. People take more, there is a lady online who takes 100 mgs ! It is an individual thing. The strongest pill of Vyvance (70 mg) is only 29-30 mgs d-amphetamine. It is worth exploring raising the dosage, within reason, until the target symptoms go away. Sounds like your present problem qualifies as a target problem.


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HA! I took 6 (30mg) just over an hour ago. My thoughts are clearer and I'm less frustrated by my own cloudiness but I'm still very me. Which is a bad thing. I just keep glossing over the numbers I'm meant to be calculating in favour of this post. I'm okay-ish to do them but I'm still more focused on other things. i'm not stuck on a thought or an activity like I have been before while I was medicated on less. Is my tolerance already going up? i was probably just incorrectly blaming that instance on dexamphetmine, thinking it was the cause. Is the mind/body meant to be more at one with dexamphetamine once the fist week or so is over, because from what I've read, the first few weeks seem to be regarded as an adjustment period.

Does the power of the effect of the dosage depends on how low my .... whatever chemical I'm low on, already is? I strongly suspect I am the supreme deity of ADD, according to how common it apparently is and what I've noticed about everyone else. And no, I'm not confusing ADD with being lazy. I'm an ambitious person.

Do people start to feel the signs of taking too much, when they're at the most focus the medication can give them? Like do there tend me side effects one must suffer through to have optimal possible dex-focus. What I've read would indicate that taking too much can increase issues and create new ones.

anyway, i'll get onto my work now, i really feel i can, just not in a straight line. Taking dexamphetamine gets me thinking about about my own thought style and what my brain is going through, and that's a kind of topic I've always been able to passionately focus on. This is stuff really is quite subtle isn't it! Saying the effect I'm experiencing at the moment is mild is probably bit of understatement. I wonder if I'm just imagining things. I felt compelled to check the Internet to see if dexamphetamine wasn't a placebo. There are so many variables that make me the way i am at any given moment, dexamphetamine seems to be a very minor one. interesting. In any case I'm in for a long night, as I intend to get my most urgent assignment done before tomorrow, no matter the cost ...

...says the person still procrastinating. Once i get started i should be fine, though, i think. The question is... can I? By the time I fianlly move onto them, the dexamphetmine edge will have worn off, I bet.

*slaps own face* discipline, damnit! I need a shock collar that knows when i'm distracted. Actually... that would just end up frying me. bad idea.

*melodramatic brave face* it's all up to me now!

So long! (for the new few minutes anyway)

*marches off*

oh crap, i spent at least 20 valuable minutes on this thing.

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By the time I fianlly move onto them, the dexamphetmine edge will have worn off, I bet.

yeeeep, that's what happened, I wrote that post a while ago. But I didn't get around to school work because somebody came home that I wanted to talk to, so that wasn't ADD internal distraction so much as normal distraction and poor self discipline. Although I would have found them more boring and maybe moved on to do my school work (or merely stare off into the distance and not listen to a single word they were saying) if i dex hadn't been in effect. I had trouble absorbing what they were saying at times, so maybe I'm still not taking enough. Just thinking out loud and procrastinating longer. At least i'm back at my desk and that's something; I eventually tore myself away from them.

Alright , Take 2. Second dose now.

Cya! and I mean it this time.

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I haven't used dex. but have used Adderall

1. Hyperfocusing is not unusual. IMO you either haven't adjusted to the med, and/or it is indicative of too high a dose.

2. Increased focus is what these meds do. You still have to have the willpower to direct that attention appropriately. IF you end up sorting your boyhood baseball card collection for hours instead of doing homework, paying bills or cleaning house, that is a personal issue, not the fault of the med. (not like this has never happened to me!).

best, a.m.

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I agree with AirMarshall. I've noticed the overfocusing feeling, but I haven't had it in a while. Kind of miss it. It's true the med doesn't do everything, unfortunately. Still easy to go and do some other thing. (Like typing this instead of sleeping!)

I'm going to take AirMarshall's advice seriously. I'm at risk. Somewhere in my possessions is a stamp collection that I haven't messed with for 40+ years. Old Soviet stamps with hydrofoils running up and down Russian rivers.

-fogey, cranky old man

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will power didn't seem to cut it at the time. I haven't taken any since but when I do, i'm going to start small again and take it more gradually. There is an adjustment period of 1 - 3 weeks for this stuff right?

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