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why, why, WHY?


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my job at the place with the long commute ended on wednesday. yesterday it was decided that i would get a new project , but not until after next week. so i've been sitting for two days with nothing to do really at work. (and my computer at work will not post comments on blogs!)

coworker M has been working on a project for the place with the long commute. he literally worked for 32 hours straight. yes, all night last night. so he could send the drawings off this morning for a project that has been on ice for a while, but it has been decided that it will be installed next month, and they will manufacture it starting monday.

at 3 PM they sent them back. WITH CHANGES!! WTF?? so we have to change them. by sunday morning.

boss sent M home. and asked if i could do the changes. what am i to say? M said he could do them, but boss said no. (yay, boss, for once!)

so, i have to do the changes. actually, i don't mind. i like doing changes. it's all written out there, all i have to do is go in and change them.

but why did the place with the long commute have to make CHANGES TODAY WHEN THEY ARE GOING TO START MANUFACTURING ON MONDAY MORNING????!!!????!!!??? (yes, i am yelling) like i said, i don't mind doing changes, but gee, it's a little short notice, huh?

our company has been designing this machine for the last 5 years at least. i know that i worked on it three years ago when i did my internship with my company, because, we had sent the drawings and they sat on them FOR A YEAR (we sent them in dec. 2006 and got them back feb. 2008) before they sent them back. and then they said they needed them with the changes within a week. and then after killing myself trying to get them done and working long days, they put the project on ice for another year.

but since it is the place with the long commute, i get to do it because i know their drawing standards. i know what it's supposed to look like. a lot of the problem is upper vs lower case in different parts. it has NOTHING to do with manufacturig specs. we could easily correct that on monday. but no, it has to be done by sunday morning.

so i get to work tomorrow. my one day off. (sunday is always church, etc. so not really a day to do whatever i want).

at least i will get overtime. i'm going to see if i can get it as time instead of money. because i think it's double time, for more than 40 hours plus it's on a weekend.

but ugh! it is SO like them to do this! (the place with the long commute, not my company)

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