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These 2 people suck!


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So, a couple months ago I was about a car length behind someone in a parking lot. He was trying to make an illegal right hand turn (cross 3 lanes of traffic into a turning lane) and couldn't do it. I saw him put his car in reverse, so I put mine in reverse and went to hit the gas.. TOO LATE! He backed into me pretty fast. I got out and started screaming at him, he said "I didn't see you there!" Well.. uh. What are mirrors and windows for? I had been there a couple minutes. My license plate was bent, which I don't really care about. He tried to take off, I went to call the cops so he stayed. His back bumper was smashed up. He got 100% fault on the incident report and was lucky he hadn't damaged my car. I was shaking so bad I had to get someone to write down my insurance information. Then I had to drive into a busy city during rush hour to drop off a computer, super paranoid.

Then yesterday, my mom walked past my car (same car that got hit) in the driveway and my rear passenger window is SHATTERED all over the driveway. My dad temp fixed it until I can take it to a mechanic.

I got this car in November, its not a fancy or expensive car, but dammit, I'd appreciate it if it were left alone!

This is why I'm never getting a nice car!

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I had his address and phone number, and he only had my name on my insurance slip and the policy number. I haven't heard anything from him since he hit me, I had my car checked over (as told to do) and there's no damage, other than my plate. So, fortunately, that's wrapped up. If he were to contact me, I'd immediately call the police.

But seriously.. who doesn't look when backing up?! Especially during rush hour!

Nobody was hurt, so its not a big deal.. I was lucky he hit the front of my car, and not the back, since I had a $450 computer in the trunk.

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