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I'm 41 and was diagnosed with bipolar 2 at 39. From 32 until 39 I was severely clinically depressed. Sometimes I think I still am. I take 200 mg of Lamictal. My pdoc (I think that's right) just upped it from 150 mg. I was in a manic episode for several months. Started doing stupid stuff again. Spent $1000 on clothes in a month. Couldn't concentrate or stay focused on anything. Kept falling apart at work. Now I can manage, but just. I'm in a profession that doesn't work summers, however, I found a job as nanny. The thought of 11 weeks with no work and being alone was terrifying.

My American Dream was to get a degree, get married, buy a house, and have babies. Only the first happened. I have a BS and an MSEd. I've had several long term relationships. 3 of which talked about marriage and 1 that actually proposed. It just never seems to work out. Now sure why, maybe I am just too crazy. Now the thought of dating is horrible. Most days I have no ambition to do anything. Well, that's me. I look forward to reading and posting.

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