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Hello to everyone - well to everyone who reads this anyway. Basically I am here to read about different peoples reactions to meds as I am sorta new to taking crazy pills. I am kind of anal about reading about anything I take before I take it. Thats just me. I can remember when my psych gave me samples of Seroquel and when I got home I then proceeded to research the internet. I promptly called doc and said "no way AM I going to take these." I was then put on clonazepam. My current diagnosis is "unspecified mood disorder" as well as "primary insomnia." I am currently taking clonazepam, temazepam, carbamazepine. Prior I have taken Prozac, Lexapro, paroxetine, zoloft, triazolam, saphris and seroquel, ambien. Seroquel wasn't bad actually, it really helped me sleep thats for sure but I couldn't deal with the weight gain. Saphris caused severe akathisia which was completely counterproductive to sleeping. Taking Saphris was almost like instant misery in a pill form. I feel like I gave it a fair shot though I took it about 12 times, now I am mad because these were expensive as all he!! and I have most of them left over. Right now doc and me are hoping the carbamazepine will help to stabilize my mood and relieve the insomnia, too.

That's my story.

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