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My pdoc finally got the consulation that he was looking for and began me on 25mg of Seroquel for BD. He wrote a script for me to bump up to 50mg. this week and then 75mg next week after which I'll have another appt. with him and we'll talk then about upping the dosage even more. I'm assuming he did it this way because one I'm pregnant and two he's terribly worried about how I'll handle the sedation effect because I have yet to gain any weight with this pregnancy. Oddly enough, the Seroquel is helping me sleep better, but it has yet to knock me out cold and I don't have the groggy feeling in the morning I've so often read about. I know that at this low dose I'm not seeing anything more than help with my sleep. At what dosage should I start seeing the Seroquel effect my moods and can Seroquel alone be used to help with the moods or is it best to add in a mood stabilizer later after Babes is born?

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