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clonazepam and wakefulness

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i've been taking clonazepam off and on for probably ten years. i think i've been taking various doses daily for at least six months now (.5mg/day - 2mg/day). currently taking .5mg in the morning and .5mg around 4-5pm. no PRNs.

i had a major med switchup a couple of months ago. now that i'm taking seroquel as my primary AD, my anxiety is 75% less than it has been for as long as i can remember. i don't really think i need the benzos anymore, but pdoc seems to think i'd better hold off on touching that for awhile.

what's weird to me is that i don't notice whether i've taken my clonazepam or not until i realize i'm really, really tired. then i remember i forgot to take it. thirty minutes later i'm not tired anymore. even first thing in the morning... i've skipped it because i thought i didn't need it, only to feel tired until i took it.

what the hell?

is this because my body is habituated to the drug? when my anxiety was superhigh sometimes this would happen... but i attributed the energy increase to having all that anxious draining crap pounding at me go away, like freeing up physical energy because my head isn't using it all (okay, that may have made no sense and i would like to play the crazy card on this one).

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