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Dr. switched meds to the morning, not working as well

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So to avoid a long story with painful recollection, my doctor switched my seroquel from taking it at night time to the day time because by mid afternoon i would consistently turn incredibly hulk! and getting angrier as each day went on. I didnt realize for about a week that the seroquel just wasnt doing its jobs properly and i was still incredibly hulk, and getting worse until i looked up neurotransmitters one night when i realized my adderall was starting to keep me up all night again. I saw that adderall is a dopamine releaser and seroquel is a dopamine antagonist. Up until then i had been taking my adderall as usual, the moment i woke up each day. When the doctor told me to take seroquel in the morning she didnt specify which to take first the adderall or the seroquel, so i kept takin the adderall first. After reading about how each affected dopamine i got to thinking.....by taking the adderall first thing in the morning, does it cause enough dopamine to flood the receptors before the seroquel gets on the scene and binds to the receptors?.....so i had the bright idea to take the seroquel FIRST, and THEN the adderal like 45 mins later and whaddaya know, it started working like it did when i used to take it at night, only this time lasting all day, full on head buzz like a dank doobie, sedation that controlled my impulsiveness, and the ability to move on with my life without raging over the past, and not feeling like a pod and not wanting to go anywhere or do anything with anyone..... all of that stuff was getting worse as time when on until i switched and took seroquel first.

Has anyone experienced this?

if so how long do you wait before taking your adderall in the morning?

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