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Sonata anyone?

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I havent posted in a while, so ill recap a little. I have significant sleep disturbance on a regular basis i.e. can fall asleep, but wake up throughout the entire night. I used to take OTC's like Tylenol PM, Unisom etc., switched to melatonin which kinda worked but not too well, and then gave ambien a shot. ambien makes me feel horrible the day after, and seems to trigger anxiety/palpitations etc. Ive gone back to melatonin as result. The problem is, sometimes i wake up at 2am or 3, and will stay awake for hours. This is just not okay when i have to be up and functioning at 6am. SO, my doctor suggested Sonata. He said it was fast acting/short acting and should help. Anyone have experience with it? Thanks for any feedback :)

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