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Geeky transsexual with BPD.

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The "Geeky transsexual with BPD" covers everything I think!

The fact that I look like a guy wearing makeup with moobs is probably the main cause of my low self esteem...

The identity issues of BPD throw the transsexualism issue into doubt, I which I'd have known that before starting the change! lol

I'm 34, live with my partner of 10 years, love programming, electronics, science, chemistry, arty stuff too.

BPD issues have caused me to quit or get fired from most of my jobs. I've socially withdrawn, and have bad trust issues. I've got a gift of self-monitoring, so I can shut the hell up most of the time when I realise some BPD issue is influencing my behavior.

I was passing the forums here looking for lesser known BPD facts, and noticed the cool way the forums were worded, so I stopped and had a look around.

Bye! :)

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Welcome :) I was wondering the same thing as humanoid - I also play neopets. BPD is a real pain - I have it too.

If you haven't already, read our rules, and feel free to PM a staff member if you need help with anything.

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