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I know the title doesn't make much since, but I will do my best to explain it.

For the past few sessions that I've seen my pdoc, I've been mentioning that I am having increased anxiety. He mentions to me that Lithium can increase anxiety, but instead of either adjusting or stopping Lithium, he just plays with my Clozaril dosing.

I went from 300mg @ bedtime, to 50mg AM and 250mg @ bedtime, to 50mg BID & 200mg @ bedtime.

I understand that Clozaril can have some anti-anxiety effect because of the sedation that it can cause.

I just want to understand his reasoning. If he tells me Lithium can be a problem for my anxiety, why is he electing to modify the Clozaril?

(don't worry, I will continue to take my meds as prescribed)



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