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So I just encountered this under-researched concept/disorder and what I've learned so far just about fits me to a 'T'. Is anyone familiar with this?? Do any Docs take it seriously??

The only time in my life I've ever been happy was when taking percocet and one other prescription that I've since forgotten what it was. It's tempting to abuse for this reason, but I've seen withdrawals in a good friend and it's enough to convince me that's not a path I want to start on.... (Not to mention the very, very minor withdrawal experienced the one time I had to take Tramadol for a month by prescription. I can't imagine what real w/d would feel like. Ack.)

So does anyone have any info they can help with? Experience? Sounds very interesting. Thanks.

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Yeah, i went the tramadol route for tx resistant depression one time.... worked great, til it didn't. and the withdrawals were like my BRAIN WAS ON FIRE, man. surprisingly, (or not) this actually happened more than once as tramadol is really my drug of choice, man. endorphin high plus weak SNRI? Yeah, it fucks with every happy receptor in my head. Then you get PAWS (post 6 acute withdrawal syndrome) which lasts 6 months to a year, and which is hell.

Granted, this is just MY experience. I've heard some people say that with buponorphine, tolerance does not develop to the extent that it may with other opiates and that it's helpful, but i would NEVER have the guts to try it. Never.

Plus, i've had periods of remission when not on an opiate, so i know it's possible for me. Me and my doc went the ultram route when we were in the pit of despair (well, I was) after failing lithium and lamictal both (due to physical, not psych issues, they both worked well for depression). but I got kidney mess with lith, and SJS from lamictal.....

i don't think I'd try it again. i'd far rather mess with my glutamate system where my problem truly resides, I think, based on my experiences with meds so far (it SURE ain't serotonin that's my issue, man). That and keeping me nice and level overall and avoiding episodes with depakote, which long term depakote sort of seems to keep me on track, i guess via calcium channels or what not, who the hell knows. I also have NO IDEA why risperdal seems to be more balancing and anti depressant than any other AAP I've tried, but man, I'll take it.

My next plan of attack, should the demon depression strike again would be EMSAM or trying (and failing) to get my insurance to pay for riluzole, which basically works on glutamate the same way lamictal does, which is the only drug that ever TREATED TREATED my depression so quickly and rapidly (i found that out just before SJS 3 times in a row, very discouraging).

but no, I stay far far far away from the opiates, and I don't tend to see them as good long term solutions, though in terms of short term euphoria, yeah, they feel GREAT. I remember my first dose of ultram like it was yesterday.... i was like, I will take this pill FOREVER but it really, really turned on me in the end and I ended up far more depressed (ON ULTRAM) than I was when I started.

That is my own particular cautionary tale....


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I looked all over for something on this, but I couldn't find anything credible.

Honestly, the "symptoms" fit me to a T as well, including the lack of runner's high. Big thing is, I don't like opiates. They make me tired, they make me clumsy, and they make me stupid. And I really, really hate drugs that make me tired, clumsy, and stupid.

I wouldn't be surprised if there was something different about completely and utterly treatment-resistant depression. Perhaps opiods have something to do with it. Not sure. I don't think it's common enough to account for all of the opiate abusers of the world. Given all the stuff we've learned about the brain in the last one hundred years, it is tempting to reduce everything to a neurotransmitter/peptide basis. Perhaps we will be able to do that eventually. In the interim, we have the meds we have and therapy, when good, can make changes to the brain.

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Anna, I'm not talking about prescription abuse. I've read that low-dose suboxone (like low as in not even enough to feel like you've taken any) has helped some people with treatment-resistant depression, as well as people whose neurotransmitters were screwed up for good by their drug abuse. I've never been an addict and have no plans to be. This was just about the brain's atypical response to opiates/opioids and how it relates to depression I guess. And Tramadol? Yuck! Never again. Sends me into agitated hell. Serotonin-affecting drugs and I don't generally mix well.

Thanks for the input, Rowen. I just got a giant tooth ripped out of my head, so they gave me 2 days worth of percocet. I felt human again. Everyone else I know that takes it either feels groggy, euphoric, nauseous, or some combination thereof. I get shit DONE. I can concentrate. It's so bizarre. I'll have to mention it to the pdoc. I think I have an appt in 2 weeks.

I mean, if I can take a nap after a cup of coffee, I guess it's not too far-fetched that my brain would use oxycodone to have energy and concentration? lol

Christ, my brain is backward.

Dear DEA,

Please stop impeding research because of your stupid war on peop...er....drugs.

Thanks, and fuck you very much.

A. O.

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as i indicated in my post, there is some research and anecdota out there that bupe may work better than other opiates at low doses to treat depression, but again, it's a bit of a crapshoot. good luck finding a doc to prescribe it for that, though when I was doing some research on it, there are actually case studies going back quite far... Kay Jamison mentions one case series in on of her books.


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