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people dont understand including ppl in mental health....

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i wanted to vent about this. something that bothers and scares me a lot.

before i was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia i couldnt leave the house, my room, i couldnt sleep, i was a TOTAL mess.

while i was in the psych ward a little while ago the people in there, the psych nurses, pdocs, psychologists KEPT saying medication ISNT everything and " I " agree. no it isnt everything BUT i was admitted for a reason and they made it sound like there was something wrong with taking medication (i dont know if they were referring to just antipsychotics or ALL psych meds). so im like "well im in trouble then coz i was absolutely horrible and how else do you treat schiz."

i believe schizophrenia is VERY hard for people to understand even more frustrating is that the people who work in mental health dont understand. i always thought well they did ALL that studying they see people with schizophrenia A LOT they talk and observe their behavior and its their job. so i mean they have heaps of experience with people with mental illness.

well they keep saying " we cant keep giving you pills ALL the time ". if i kept complaining about voices they told me to try "distracting techniques" like listening to classical music. it seems nothing is good enough and you get criticized A LOT and it seems they expect more from us than from people who dont have mental illness. i noticed some patients would get told off. i mean how would you feel if you were acutely psychotic and really really unwell and a nurse tells you off...??? its not even our fault. no joke we are treated like we're criminals.

atypical antipsychotics have helped me enormously and no they havent " cured " my schizophrenia but im 99% better coz of the meds. now them making it sound like meds are somewhat "bad" or there is "something wrong with taking them" is kind of stupid. i dont get that.

the side effects from antipsychotics is like a "secret" they dont really tell you that sometimes people get obese or how many times has a pdoc told you about tardive dyskinesia without you asking them about it first. coz the truth is if they told you about the REAL side effects you prolly wouldnt touch em or take em and you would end up worse.

i dont think schiz. will not go away by itself and they are not stupid they know that and look what happened before antipsychotics came out? labotomies, shock treatment... we would all be locked up and live and die in the psych ward... FFS

i bet if their child developed schiz. they would be BEGGING and PLEADING the doctors for something to make the nasty voices to stop. i bet we have all been there. how else do you treat/stop psychotic voices??? see how their attitude would change if one of their loved ones started to develop mental illness, i bet they would understand then... LOL

just makes me sick how people call us "lazy" coz we dont work coz of schiz. they just want us to snap "out" of it. do you think you can snap out of your mental illness??

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I would say that you were in a bad and atypical psych ward, and I'm sorry they treated you like that. I was in a state mental hospital, and there they treated all patients with respect and dignity except for one weekend nurse. But in general, they were supportive and helpful in every respect. All I can say is that for anyone to suggest that someone with schizophrenia can deal with the disease without meds either hasn't got a clue or are deliberately cruel.

Are you sure that they weren't teaching coping techniques on how to handle breakthrough symptoms?

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such comments from psych mental health workers like:

"why is it always give me something"

"medication medication why is it always medication"

"we cant just keep giving you pills all the time"

i dont know what to make of those comments but they never actually said "you dont need meds etc" just by those comments they made doesnt make any sense.

the only reason i think they make those sort of comments prolly coz they keep seeing the side effects which people get that can be nasty and life ruining...

obesity - even if you lose the weight you "may" prolly be left with loose skin and come on how many of us can afford for plastic surgery

diabetes - permanent and can kill you

akathisia - omg this is torture..

knocked out - cant do much when your half asleep..

see these side effects can effect with your life....

whats the alternate though? i mean by not taking antipsychotics? i think the alternative is much worse...

once again i think we have more common sense and intelligence than them...

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Guest Vapourware

Dude, to be honest - we've been through this about 10 times. Or something. I am probably exaggerating but it feels like it because you post about similar things periodically. I stand by my opinion that you have misinterpreted what the health professionals were saying. No, you can't depend on medication alone because it doesn't make up the entire treatment for people with MI issues like schizophrenia-spectrum ones. You need a holistic treatment plan that also involves at least therapy, and other allied health services.

I don't really know what you want us to say. I really do suggest the help of a therapist if you don't have one already, and they can help you work through your feelings about the above and also to stop ruminating. There are clinical psychologists who'll bulk-bill if you are low-income, so ask around.

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if just half the things that happened to me happened to u...

a lot of nasty shit happens and when it happens to me ppl tell me to "just forget about it" now im the victim and now im the bad guy and its my fault for thinking about it? should i start doing bad nasty things to other people coz i can just tell them to "forget about it" and ill just get away with it?

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Guest Vapourware

I'm not interested in entering a pissing contest about the amount of suffering I've been through compared to you, etc., because it's unhelpful and irrelevant to this conversation. Plus it's childish.

I acknowledge that your experiences have caused you pain, but your constant ruminations over your experiences are obviously not helpful. Hence why I'm saying that you probably need a therapist to hash this out with, instead of periodically coming here and saying the same things over and over to us. We are also trying to give you different perspectives on the issue, which obviously you can't accept - and that's fine, that's your prerogative - but that's really what the board is for. CB is not here for purely validation purposes.

No-one is also telling you to forget about your experiences. Moving on is not forgetting - it's making peace with your experiences and being able to move forward.

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Vapourware is right.

I blogged about this recently actually, how I needed more support. Meds can only do so much, and I truly believe that the rest has to come from me (with the help of therapy). In addition to taking meds, I have to listen to music (preferably rock music) to block out the voices and also exercise out my anxiety. I also have to keep busy so that I can focus on something positive, and not repeatedly obsess about my delusions. Then I also need to make sure that I do not get too stressed out, to reduce the risk of having yet another episode. Sure, I need my meds, but I also need my coping strategies.

As for the people not understanding you, I've had the same. Over the years I have been repeatedly accused of making up my delusions. But none of us can change the past. It sucks, but it is the truth. Talk about this in therapy, then focus on the present. Someone once said to me, and I really like this quote, 'the only thing that you can change about the past is your present day interpretation of it'.

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