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Question...Any advice would be great.

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Hello everyone,

I'm a 23 year old male.

I have suffered for many years with Social Anxiety and have just recently felt that I have almost completely overcome the anxiety.

I was always a rowdy child, always acting up.

I have three brothers and my mom has said that I was the hardest to deal with as a child.

I have never gotten good grades and have found it very hard to concentrate on things.

I did drop out of school early on in High School.

Though I truly believe that had more to do with my anxiety then anything else.

So to come to my point, since I have pretty much overcome and worked through my anxiety.

I have been trying to study for the GED exam and then I would like to go to college to better myself.

I notice that it is extremely hard to concentrate on studying, I only seem to be able to do only a couple pages in a sitting.

It takes me to long to even get to the point of me

trying to force myself to even study those few pages.

I always seem to be procrastinating.

When I am on my computer browsing the Internet, I always have at least 5 or 6 tabs open on different sites because it hard for one site to keep my attention for too long.

I notice when I am trying to read a book I can only read about 4-6 pages at a time and the I end up doing something else.

My mind is always wondering and is always busy worrying or just

being so active it is hard to settle it down.

When I am sitting at my computer I always have to keep my leg moving otherwise I can't stand just sitting still here.

Also I have to rock myself back and forth before I am able to fall asleep at night, this has been going on for as long as I can remember.

So any advice would be great. I know you guys can't diagnose me with anything. But any idea on what any of you think might be the problem would be great until I can get a doctor in the town I am in now.

Thank you

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No one here can diagnosis you, but from what you have said, you could have ADD or you could have anxiety. Or it could be something else. Only a doctor can say. I think you should also find a therapist because sometimes they can help get to the bottom of your problems.

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tman1988 -

When I first read your thread title saying "Any advice would be great", I was tempted to write "A stitch in time saves nine." But I don't think that would be very helpful in your current situation.

As others have pointed out, no one here is qualified to diagnose you, but I would encourage you to do some reading on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and then consult a doctor or psychiatrist/psychologist. Much of what you describe sounds typical of the experience of many who struggle with ADHD, particularly when it comes to school. It may not be a question of whether you have ADHD or anxiety - you could have both. Anxiety, social phobia, and other related conditions are frequently comorbid with ADHD. Also, the knee-bouncing you mention is very commonly cited by ADHD sufferers as a symptom. ADHD is treatable and manageable. Although I don't have it myself, it runs in my family, and both of my children have it, though it affects them each slightly differently. They take a low-dose medication that does wonders helping them to focus their thoughts. Bear in mind that there is some variance of opinion in the medical community about how effective meds are alone in improving academic performance - some authorities strongly recommend therapy in addition to medication to help students with ADHD learn to structure their thinking and develop effective study habits. Meds can focus you, but they can't teach you.

The bottom line is that you don't have to put up with this. There is effective help readily available, and big kudos to you for tackling that GED and aiming for college. Get the help you need, and then reach for the Moon.

And don't take any wooden nickles.


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Definately would be good to get an official diagnosis. It's interesting, this post is bringing up questions in me about myself. Not trying to hijack post but I have similar things I can relate to in your post, and it seems like you're welcoming any response. I was diagnosed with ADHD before bipolar II, but since the ADHD meds made me spin out and led to the bipolar diagnosis, I have completely dismissed the first diagnosis. I have a few symptoms that this doesn't address though, the main one being that my body has to be in CONSTANT movement. If I'm moving around and doing stuff, that satisfies my body's desire to move, but if I'm sitting still at the computer or tv, my pinky or big toes constantly jerk and twitch (to the point of chronic pain), my index finger jerks (I'm sure at times I look like a speed freak, as even if I'm just waiting in line at a store, my body isn't doing anything so I start all these things), at the computer I constantly rock, I have to do two things at once when I'm sitting, so I eat lots of sunflower seeds, or I pick my scalp or lips, I move my legs. If I consciously try to hold still I can feel energy surges moving through my toes that make them want to jerk, even if I'm keeping them perfectly still.

I also always have multiple tabs open and will be right in the middle of one thing, and suddenly switch to something else. Same when doing chores, very rarely can I stick to one chore for long.

I have convinced myself that all this is part of the bipolar, but I wonder.....

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I heard a talk given by a young man who cited many of the same symptoms you cite. He was dyslexic and had ADHD. There are tools that you can use to help you focus on studying - that was what this young man was telling us about in his talk - he overcame all of it and was in college at the time of the talk. You can do it!

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