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Adderall + Kpin/xanax combo - good or bad?

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Hey all,

This is my first post on this board, so let me go ahead and give you some background info on me. I am 24 years old now and was prescribed to a mood stabilizer and adderall during my college career. After I graduated from college last year, I decided to take a break from my adderall prescription since I didn't really need it anymore. A few months later I also discontinued my mood stabilizer, and have been on nothing for about 8 months now. Well, I start law school next week and have an appointment scheduled with my doctor to discuss going back on the adderall for basically the same reasons I was prescribed it in college. The only difference this time is I want to try the time-released version. So I expect to be on 20mg XR ED.

I don't want to be put back on the mood stabilizer though. Instead, I was wondering if a small dosage of klonopin or xanax could work well to relieve stress and help with the come-down of adderall. Starting my first year of law school, I will have a high tendency to get stressed out after being "revved up" on adderall for 12 hours a day. It's bad enough that I have terrible sleeping problems naturally, and being put on adderall and starting law school will only exacerbate this problem, which is why I want to address it quickly before I burn out.

I was also wondering if using a very small amount like .25mg of klonopin or xanax would be good to take with my adderall in the morning. The environment of law school is very up-tight and competitive, which is why I am concerned that taking adderall alone might heighten my social anxiety and edginess, the same way that it has done so in the past. I want to be able to focus for a long period of time without getting anxious, nervous, and uptight. Can a benzo be used sparingly in the morning when I take my adderall, and at night to help me rest, for the reasons that I've provided? Also, there's been a few occasions when I've gotten benzos from my friends to help me sleep, should I mention that to my doctor? He has always been very cool with prescribing me stuff.

Thanks in advance for your responses.

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I take Xanax and adderall and other meds to. I personally find xanax I bit strong and am going to ask about Klonopin next month. Some say Xanax is more difficult to quit maybe do to the dependence that can be built up. Do miss understand me, from what I know the same can happen with klpn. Other on this board will be able to give you more insight on this. I've only been on Xanax so can't really speak about the other.

Can I ask why u were on a mood stabilizer? Were u diagnosed with something? Some bi Polars don't to well on stimulants unless a mood stablizer is in the mix. Are you ADD?

As to the last question about telling your dr, it is probably best to be transparent with him/her but that is your decision. I'm not sure telling the dr will help u unless you are taking alot of them and it could develop into a problem. If that's the case defiantly tell him!

Good luck in law school.

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