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Hi there. My name's Jason and I'm 30 years old. Back in late May I took the medication prednisone to bring down some swelling in my neck. No big deal right? I had (and am still having) an incredibly severe reaction to it, with terribly and frightening mood swings and overwhelming anxiety. Turns out it was more than just the prednisone going on.

After working with my doctors, I am being treated for bipolar disorder. Looking back in my life the more it makes sense. I had been diagnosed with depression 10 years ago and have been taking meds on and off for that since then. I can pinpoint specific times in my life, and when that time began and ended, when I felt... depressed. Or just this weird feeling I get. Right now we think the prednisone triggered a mixed episode straight from hell (my words, not theirs). I have felt completely out of control and dead depressed, alternating and at the same time, for the past two months. I started Lithium recently and it seems to really be helping with the out of control part.

I'm really looking forward to making some friends with you all on here. When I'm not flipping out, I'm studying at computer science at grad school (school starts back up next week), running, working on some nutty business idea with my friend (right now a mobile app for teachers), or watching sports. Like I said I'm looking forward to meeting you all :-)


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Welcome, Jason. Sometimes it's a bit of relief to get a diagnosis, isn't it?

Please read our rules when you get a chance, and contact one of the staff if you have a problem with anything. It's a friendly bunch around here, so I'm sure you'll make some friends. Check out the blogs and chat if you feel bloggy or chatty.


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