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I am diagnosed with ADD and currently take 72mg of Concerta. It works very well for me. I only use it when I am working, as I don't really need it on the weekends or during the summer, when school is out and my schedule is more relaxed and carefree. Sometimes I will take it if there is an event that requires my concentration to prepare for it but otherwise it's "as needed", except for work, and my pdoc is comfortable with that.

In May, I started back to swimming. I am current swimming a mile, 5 days a week. When I swim, I have various numeric counting methods to keep my mind busy and on track so I know how much distance I've covered. Since, I started at the end of the school year, I was swimming before school and I was not taking my Concerta, until after I arrived at school and had something to eat. That worked out fine for me.

Lately, my mind has been very scattered. I have a lot going on, personally and professionally, and am having a very difficult time concentrating. I am having a hard time completing regular household chores and have been "flitting" from one thing to the next. I have also noticed, that I am the same in the pool. I cannot concentrate on my counting. I am bored with the repetitive lap swim, which I normally love so much. I can't keep focused and am not completing my workouts. There is nothing physically wrong with my muscles that I can't do it...my mind is working against me, it seems. And, I am not at a point where it is time to change my workout.

My question is this...I normally take my Concerta at school at 10AM. Would it be safe to take it before I exercise? I eat a piece of fruit before I hit the water and then I eat again at school. I don't know if this would be a good choice or not. Any thoughts or ideas?

Many thanks from a frustrated, water-logged fish. :P

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