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Hi, I'm Sophia. 21. Maths student, London. About to start 2nd year.

I have a twin in the year above (long story short, I was at another uni, wasn't very well, and dropped out).

Depression since childhood, self harm for seven years, mostly cutting and burning, but I haven't cut for two years (as of September 7th this year).

I used to be on RYL, but ... had a falling out with a real-life/RYL friend and decided to leave due to the awkwardness...

Anyway, hello! I'm generally okay now, and am a great agony aunt. Feel free to talk to me if you have any problems.

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Talaiporia, there is a chance we interacted on RYL; I remember your name. My handle there was Heartless, though I haven't been in a long time.

Anyway, welcome. :)

P.S. Two years free is FANTASTIC!

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