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Personality Disorders Board: Read BEFORE Posting

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If you are in this sub-forum because you would like to know if someone you know has a personality disorder, or because you would like tips on managing your relationship with someone with a personality disorder, you are in the wrong place.

CrazyBoards is a first-person website for people with mental illnesses to receive support. If you do not have a mental illness, we recommend that you find one of the many other websites and forums devoted to supporting family members of people with mental illnesses.

If you DO have a mental illness, and you are using CrazyBoards for that reason, and you would like support because of a difficult relationship in your life, you will still need to post your question somewhere else. The Personality Disorders sub-forum is reserved for supporting people with personality disorders, not their friends, family, acquaintances or anyone else. I recommend "I've Still Got Issues," "People Suck!", or "Family Feud".

This section is for people with personality disorders to discuss their symptoms and diagnosis in a safe and supportive environment, focused on recovery and understanding. People dealing with all flavours and clusters are encouraged and welcomed to post.

It is not a place for people to make negative remarks about people with personality disorders. Just because you've encountered an asshole doesn't mean they have a personality disorder, and not everyone with a personality disorder is an asshole.

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