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Call me Lux

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Hi everyone, my name is Lux. I am 23 years old, diagnosed with unipolar depression and general anxiety disorder at 10 (and medicated since), and then rediagnosed with bipolar II when I was 19. I have had up to 18 months of symptom free happiness at a time, but since about May of this year I really started going downhill again. My medication profile at this point is convoluted at best.

Lamictal: 125mg in the morning, 225 at night

Seroquel XR: 50mg at night

Wellbutrin XL: 150mg in the morning

Cipralex: 20mg in the morning

Abilify: 5mg at night (just started it yesterday)

Clonazepam: 0.25mg twice a day

I've had some usual run of the mill "trauma" in my life, but I don't think any of it makes me special or gives me a reason to be whatever it is I am. My mixed states are so severe right now that working is pretty much out of the question, especially since the anger bit of it has really ramped up in the past few weeks. I'm on a mental health vacation from my job as we speak. I live with my parents right now, moved home after being gone from age 17-23. I'm doing okay here, not as smothered as I thought I'd be. Anyways. That's a little about me. Pleased to meet ya'll!

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Welcome, nice to meet you. I don't know that you really need a "reason" to have a mental illness, any more than you need a reason to have asthma or diabetes.

If you haven't already, take a look at our rules and feel free to PM a staff member if you need help with anything.

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