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I have OCD...I was on Cipralex but it made me feel very detached and foggy, twitchy and physically awful...but mentally great! I just switched to Prozac today and within a few hours of taking my first dose, I was in a HORRIBLE raging mood. Angry, short tempered, agitated. I took half a pill of the Cipralex as well. But I am seriously worried that the Prozac has caused this mood and if it has, will it settle down?

And in how long??

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i don't know that any of the SSRIs have been proven safer than the other in breastfeeding. We've had members nurse on practically all the SSRIs and their children are just fine. As far as I know, the FDA considers them all equal in terms of safety while nursing.

It's ultimately up to you and your doctor, but how good is it for your child, you, and the rest of your family if you're going to be agitated, raging, and irritable? You need to weigh these things when looking at meds.

Also, if it gets really bad, you can consider a milk bank, formula, or pumping. With some of the meds with shorter half lives you may be able to time your doses and pumping so the child gets the least medication.

Dr. Hale has probably the best information on medications and nursing.


It looks like you can also call them.

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Actually, I just read this at Dr. Hale's site (emphasis mine):

"They found that antidepressants were detectable in the breast milk for all the antidepressants they studied. Fluoxetine produced the highest proportion of elevated infant levels and the highest mean infant level (Weissman et al., 2004). Citalopram was also relatively high. Only one infant across studies had an elevated paroxetine level, and that infant had also been exposed prenatally. All other infant paroxetine levels were zero, and this included three infants with prenatal exposure. Maternal dose was highly correlated with infant plasma level for citalopram. The correlation was weak for sertraline. And maternal dose did not predict infant level for fluoxetine, nortriptyline, or paroxetine. Compared with other antidepressants, fluoxetine was more likely to accumulate in breastfeeding infants."

(from http://www.infantrisk.com/content/antidepressant-usage-during-pregnancy-and-breastfeeding)

Prozac is fluoxetine, and has the HIGHEST elevated levels of the drug in the infant's system. Celexa was high as well. It looks like Paxil (paroxetine) shows little to no paroxetine in the infants' bloodstream. You might want to show that to your doctor. It sounds like Paxil may actually be safer.

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Well I just read all the same research...and my OCD isn't bad enough what so ever to risk my daughters health staying on Prozac. There is so much conflicting information out there, some say its ok, the doctor said it was fine and so on. But then you read online and its a totally different story.

As far as my family dealing with me being in a raging mood, yes it's tough. But I am not freaking out on any of them, I am very much able to control myself with my kids...maybe not my husband so much. But its more snappy replies and such, not busting things and violent acts. I guess raging was a strong word, it's just for me...being in an out of control mood where I am having to actually control my frustration is tough and not the norm.

I plan to breastfeed till my baby is over a year, unless our doctor says otherwise. Shes only a month corrected now and three months actual (she was two months early). So we have a long way to go. This is a totally different post but there is some debate if my issues are not baby related, more so the way both of our kids were born....early. Our son was born at 23.3 weeks and that is when my issues came to a head, he spent 5 months in the NICU and had over 7 surgeries, has a feeding tube to this day..and it was just beyond stressful. They thought I had PTSD and then PPD....But I am not depressed, well I am, Im depressed over my intrusive thoughts and how they make me feel as a mom (they are about my kids, like if I am cutting something with a knife, I think I could cut my son..not that I WANT too but I just could some how, so I go out my way to not possibly hurt him). But I don't want to harm myself or my kids. I don't have any ill will towards them. And when they tested me on the PPD scale, it was a very low score. So that was ruled out.

I clean our house twice a day fully, which is coming before taking care of myself (never my kids, they are out walking the dog with dad when I do this..but I dont eat or shower before cleaning)..and it would literally hurt me and cause me to freak out (mostly inwardly) if I didn't get to do it. I couldn't handle it. But I wasn't like that before our son came home from the NICU and I was basically trapped inside our home for a year because of his poor health and risk of germs/illness and such. Things being out of order bother me, literally make my skin crawl.

I don't know. I am not really sure what to do, what is going on with me. I know Cipralex made me feel so much happier emotionally, but the i.thoughts were still there. Today I have had way less, but that can't be from the Prozac...it reportedly takes weeks to work right? So was in the Cipralex after all? I was only on it for seven days. Plus I noticed tonight my baby is beyond fussy, something she has never been before. Something Prozac can cause, so it's gone regardless. I can't risk my kids, period. End of story.

I know no SSRI is safe and that the risk of me not being on them, not because I would hurt anyone...but just not functioning as a parent is far more iffy. So I just need to find something to work for me.

I would try Paxil, but the weight gain possibility is not something that I could deal with. Call me shallow but I am already struggling there, and it feels awful. Adding on more weight and more self worth issues due to it, would not help this situation. That being said, if it was Paxil or nothing or Paxil or give up BFing my baby...I would do it.

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"The internet" has a lot of bad information. The best information for meds while pregnant or nursing is from that site I just linked-- it's an academic resource that only uses information from published, peer-reviewed data. The ads from the ambulance chaser lawyers, the random horror stories etc. aren't indicative of much.

It's your choice to do what you want, ultimately. A lot of people don't gain on Paxil, and you can gain on Prozac too. Maybe some therapy would help you more than medication. I would recommend that to you just to help deal with the stress of having a child with special needs.

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